Friday, 6 November 2015

My Husband and I...

I am always one for a meme, so I had to get on the bandwagon and tell you a little more about Dan.

1  Name a favourite movie of his. Do you like it too?

He can watch the film 'Taken' over and over and never get bored of it. 

2  Just tell us something you cook or bake that makes him happy. Do you add something that makes it special?

My fish pie made with smoked haddock and tiger prawns, and also my Cottage pie with a goodish amount of homemade blackberry wine added. As I love to cook for my man (for any man - I should love to cook for big truckers in a transport cafe!!! LOL!) there is probably a list of his favourite meals. 

3  What does he wear to bed?

He sleeps au naturelle like me.

4  Does he have or has he ever grown a beard or moustache?

He grew a moustache once when we were in the early years of our marriage. I thought it looked a bit like a dead rat on his upper lip. It didn't linger for long, happily. Although, over here in England, it is now the month of MouVember when all men are meant to grow moustaches for a chosen charity. So maybe I will get him to grow one again.

5  If they were going to make a movie of your husband, what actor would you pick to play him?

Pierce Brosnan without a doubt. Dan is a bit of an old smoothie.

6  Who is neater around the house, you or him? Then give us an example.

We are both about the same, but Dan is the 'squirrel' and tends to hang on to things like grim death, including bits of wood or iron that just might (ha!) come in handy some day.

7  If you could buy him tickets to any concert (past or present) who would it be?

Tina Turner or maybe Led Zeppelin. We've been to both.

8  Does he wear a wedding ring? Do you care?

He wore his wedding ring for all of 24 hours. Seriously. It has been in my jewellery box ever since. He is not a 'ring' sort of a man. They don't go with maintenance on old items of farm machinery. And no, I don't mind at all as I should hate him to lose a finger.

9  How old was he and how old were you when you met? What else do you remember about that day?

He was 17 and I was 16. We met at a school dance and he says he wanted to meet me because I was wearing a Mary Quant mini dress with a large keyhole cut out of the back.

10  If he was the one to choose an ethnic restaurant for dinner out, what would he choose?

He loves Chinese, but we also love Greek and Polish food.

11  Is there a photo of him as a child you find especially endearing? Tell us about it.

Dan wears contacts and there is a photo of him as a small boy wearing old-fashioned round framed glasses that is very, very cute.

12  If you were going to choose a dress in a colour just to please him, what colour would it be?

I love the colour blue, but Dan is colourblind and gets mixed up and would probably think it was green or grey. I don't think he has a preference, but he ALWAYS tells me if he doesn't like something I am wearing, so I usually take him shopping with me when I am buying dresses or smart outfits. I value his opinion, and if I know he doesn't like something, I get no enjoyment out of wearing it.

13  Do you (or did you) love his mother?

Dan's mother is wonderful. She is the best MIL in the world. I couldn't ask for better.

14  Name a famous person he really admires.

He likes clever and interesting people, and people with a sense of humour. I don't think he has a favourite. 

15  How does your husband take his tea or coffee?

Dan is a tea drinker through and through. He likes Yorkshire tea the best, with milk and one sweetener.

16  Does your man know how to dance? Is it something you both enjoy?

We used to dance much more than we do these days as we used to get asked to lots of balls. There don't seem to be so many "occasions" any more. We both dance apart from the Foxtrot which neither of us have ever mastered. We like to Waltz the best and I was brought up doing the continental waltz where you are constantly turning, and the polka. I just love the polka!

Thanks to Ella, who I believe put this meme together for us all to enjoy.


  1. Aw nice answers, the Foxtrot is my very favourite 9and both my son's love it too). Husband not so much, sadly it is like leading a baby elephant around. Hope you are having a good week
    love Jan,xx

  2. Love reading these..Pierce handsome..
    hugs abby

  3. Hi Ami, really enjoyed reading this and learning a little more about Dan. I loved reading about how you met. Very sweet :) Pierce Brosnan eh? Nice!:)


  4. Ami, thanks for sharing about Dan. I love how memes create little pictures in my head; we know a few more of the puzzle pieces of that person. The meeting at the school dance was my favorite.

    The picture of the messy workbench reminds me of Sam's shop out in the garage. He is of the same mind; you never know when you might need this scrap of something!

    Hugs Across the Pond

  5. Hi Ami, my Scotsman loves that movie Taken as well. He watches it every time it is on!
    This was fun to read!

  6. I loved reading your answers :-) Really sweet that you met at a school dance. Hugs

  7. Love your answers Ami! Matthew loved 'Taken' also and I enjoyed watching it with him. One of my aunts loved to Polka but I never learned...sure looked like fun. ;) Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  8. Ami loved all your answers. My son is colour blind so know what you mean by getting the colours wrong How sweet you met at a school dance. Love to polka also.
    Hugs Lindy.