Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Today I met up with a friend I had never seen before - well, not in the flesh anyway.  It was an amazing experience.  This is her.  She is as lovely as her picture!

Starman knows I "chat" to my friends in Bloggerland.  Usually a mixture of emailing, telephone and "on-line" chatting.  The one thing I hate about it is the difference in time zones.  Invariably when I get the time to read some blogs, everything has moved on so much I feel left behind.  But not today.  Because it was only a short time ago I discovered that another member of our community lives only about an hour from me!  So we agreed that when the half term holiday came around, we would meet up at a half-way point.

But then, Starman suddenly turned into Mr HOH Ivanhoe!

Brandishing his 'virtual' sword he decided he was going to defend me against all odds.  Oh dear!

"But this is English Rose, Starman" I explained.  "You've spoken to her on the telephone."

"Only to say 'Hello'."  He was being a bit implacable.  And believe me, Starman does 'implacable' extremely well.  "She could be anybody Ami.  All these people could be anybody!"

"But only because you won't read about them or try to get to know any of them!"  I was beginning to feel thwarted.  "I speak to her every week, like I do Minelle!"

"Ah, but Minelle lives across an ocean so you're hardly going to get on the train and nip off to see her for lunch."

"No, but I'd like to."  I had to get Starman's 'willing' approval to meeting my friend.  It was no good getting shirty with him.

"Look, honey, I'll take my mobile phone, with me.  I'll leave you the number of her mobile, and also her home phone number.  You can always phone her husband if you are worried."

"But how do I know he's her husband?  You read these things in the papers all the time.  Women like you are lured into 'situations'!"

"Oh for goodness....."  Then I suddenly thought of all the advantages.

I started to grin at Starman - I had this picture in my mind, you know, just laying about all day, being bathed in marble tubs full of rose petals....

Starman saw the grin and wasn't impressed.  

"What do I tell the children if something happens to you?" he wanted to know, despite the fact that the 'children' are both in their thirties!  

"You just tell them I was meeting a friend for lunch and shopping."  My nerves were beginning to shred, but I did reach an agreement, and promptly looked up train times and watched the weather forecast.  (As it happened, it was cold and damp when I left home, so I dressed accordingly, then spent a hot, uncomfortable day whilst Jan looked cool, calm and collected!)

I went to bed that night all excited, with dreams of nice lunches and shopping!

I was awake good and early the next morning.  Unfortunately Starman was awake 'gooder' and 'earlier'.  he was definitely very restless.  I decided to have a quick dash downstairs and make us morning drinks.  Nothing like a strong cup of Yorkshire tea to sooth a troubled man's brow!

Maybe it wasn't quite as posh as this one, but I did make it in his favourite mug.  I thought he would be pleased.  He was.  But unfortunately whilst I'd still been sleeping he'd done some thinking, and the early morning thoughts of a troubled man are the worst kind.

I had finished my coffee and had snuggled back down under the covers.  After all, it wasn't even 7.30 am!  I didn't notice him sitting up and making himself comfortable.  I could vaguely feel him stroking my left thigh.


The sneaky snake!!  I was hoicked into position over his lap and he was stroking my bottom instead of my thigh!  My view was of the floorboards (once again!) and he started to explain his worries and to give me instructions.  (It wasn't all bad, because he does wondrous things up and down my spine with the tips of his fingers and I end up purring!)

But then I felt a blaze of heat lap across my right cheek!  It was repeated on my left!

"What are you doing?!" I shrieked and did my best to roll over.  The wonderful stroky hand was now my worst enemy as it pinned me effectively across his lap.

Starman kept spanking, neither too fast nor too slow.  Just a pleasant rhythm from side to side, ensuring a rise in temperature.

"I decided that it would be wrong to prevent you from meeting you friend.  But that I could ensure a few safety measures."

"So it would be in your best interests to pay attention to what I have to say," he went on.  "I will take you down to the station and help you get a return ticket.  I will see you on to the train, ensuring that your ticket is an 'any time' return.  I will expect you to text me when you sit down for lunch.  I will expect you to text me when you are on the train ready for the homeward journey, and I will expect you to text me when you get to D--- (a town ten minutes down the line from our station) so that I can be at the station in time to meet you off the train."

He spanked steadily.  The heat wasn't just building.  It had built!  I cannot possibly describe how much harder and more confident his hands seem after six months of practice!

"And you better not miss that train home, Ami.  I mean that."

His hand spanked me right across my bottom stinging me, well, you know where!!!  Wow that felt like an ever recurring wasp sting!  The rat!  I know I am never sore for long, but I knew at that point that it was going to be just the right length of "long"!  Sitting for lunch wouldn't be fun on a hard chair!

"I won't miss the train," I assured him, trying to nod my head, (which is very difficult upside down) and thinking to myself that if this was just a little reminder, then I certainly wouldn't want to incur a 'correction'.  

"Good.  I feel much happier now."  He hauled my upright and sat me across his lap.  Hmmm.  My hand went back to rub gingerly at my rump.  But actually, maybe reminders are a good idea.  I had just the right amount of burn.  


We then had a fascinating post coital discussion about old Victorian spanking knickers.  Please do not ask me how this conversation came about.  I think it was because I told him I was going underwear shopping yet again, and he said I didn't need them to be spanked, and I said that some husbands started spanking their wives over their knickers and then pulled them down, and I had never had the experience, and then somehow we were talking about knickers like these:

I would prefer a prettier ribbon myself!

But I could see the benefits.

And Starman liked the thought of these the most!  Aren't new horizons wonderful things to be travelling towards?!

Hey!  I didn't mean new horizons like this!!

The time between breakfast and me catching the train seemed to fly by.  I was so happy that Starman put me on the train.  I'm not the most confident person around trains, and have been known to get on the wretched things going in the wrong direction in the London underground.  However, this journey was so much easier.  But I did worry, just a little, that Jan may have changed her mind about meeting me, or that I wouldn't recognise her, or her me.

However, Jan met me at the station and I recognised her straight away because she looks just like her picture.

We got on immediately, and the trouble is that we had so much to talk about that we abandoned shopping in favour of an early lunch in the end.  So no armfuls of carrier bags.

We found an empty table with comfortable chairs (bliss!) and sat down opposite each other.  We had a lovely, and healthy lunch in a large department store, and were soon deep in conversation about our favourite topic - spanking!  That is, until an elderly couple came and sat one on either side of us!  We couldn't believe it.  It certainly cramped out style!  Luckily they didn't stay too long.  Probably the whispered conversation got to them!

No, no, I swear we didn't give this  impression!  More like this

It was such a relief to be able to chat with a like-minded friend.  We talked about all sorts of things, not just spanking situations, but of course that little topic was pretty near the top of our agenda.

Jan had brought me a lovely pressie to hang on the wall near my computer.  I've done my best to photograph it.  It was so well chosen.  Thank you very much Jan!

It reads "Friends are like stars, You don't have to see them to know they are there!"  What a kind thought!

We found we had many similarities in our dynamics, and of course there were things we did differently.  But it was the camaraderie, the understanding of something shared, that was so heart warming.  It is only when you meet in the flesh that you realise how isolated we all are, and how very important our little community is.  The friends I have made here mean a great deal to me.

We chatted so much that lunch was suddenly 'afternoon tea'.  This is where I cross my fingers and put my hands behind my back and mutter the word cake!  I know, I know - sadly I ate far too much.  It looked so nice, and I just succumbed.

Yet another black mark on my list of shortcomings for the week!  But before you ask, yes, I did remember to text Starman.  I told him that we were having a lovely lunch and not to worry as I was obviously considered too old and intimidating to warrant the risk of adding me to some far away harem.  All he replied was "Good."

So our afternoon slid rapidly towards the time when I had to return to catch my train.  We did, however, manage to visit a shop or two, and yes, I was able to add to my collection of lacy knickers!  (As if I wouldn't!)  I did, however, buy practical and comfortable ones, without a back seam.  (I wonder why that is?!)  And I got three pairs for the price of two!

We caught a taxi back to the station, and Jan went to collect her car from the car park before the ticket ran out.  We are definitely going to meet up again - but next time we both hope we won't have to sit on sore bottoms!  

I got on the train and texted Starman to say I was safely aboard.  He replied "Good."

When the train reached D---, I again texted him and he replied "Good."

So I texted him and said "Just 'Good'?"

He replied "Gooooooooood!"

I tried again "I love you.  XXXXXXXXX."

He replied "Good."

I sat quietly watching the countryside drift past.  Then my phone went.  Another text.

"It's raining cats and dogs here.  When you get off the train, don't go across the bridge, go through the gap in the wall and down the steps to the car park at the back, and I'll meet you with an umbrella!"

I texted back "Good!"

In fact, I couldn't believe my luck.  The carriage I was travelling in stopped right opposite the gap.  I fumbled madly with the door.  In the UK you have to wind down the window, then lean out and turn the handle on the 'outside' of the door in order to leave the train.  I got in such a flap!  Luckily a boy of about 15 waded in to help, and then (horrors) took my arm like an old lady and helped me down the step and on to the platform.  (I'm still mortified!)

I ran through the rain, quickly down the steps and into Starman's arms.  It felt so good to be met.  I had gotten into such a panic that the door wasn't opening and I would end up miles down the line at another station!

But now I was back in the place I felt the safest.  I felt very cherished and cared for.

I am soooo glad my husband is my bestest friend of all!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Spreading Sunshine - Creative and Positive Inspiration

Completely out of the blue, Minelle has nominated me for "The Sunshine Award".

I am reliably informed that the idea is for bloggers to present the sun-loving flower to other bloggers who "creatively and positively inspire others in the blogosphere".  I don't know why you think I deserve it, but very many thanks.

Minelle has become my very good friend.  Despite great differences in our time zones, we manage to chat most weekends.  In fact, I was once on the phone so long and so late, that I got to the "final warning" stage.  

We talk about all sorts of things and often end up just putting the world to rights.  

Sometimes her Scotsman conducts a 'three-way' conversation in the background, and if her little dogs don't bark, I enquire as to their health!  

She is fun and supportive - and she is an artist and I can honestly tell you that her paintings are VERY GOOD!

If you want to join in the fun, the rules for the SUNSHINE AWARD are to:

1  Thank the person who gave you the award in your blog post.

2  Complete the Q & A below in your blog post.

3  Pass on the award to 10-12 deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them and link to their blogs.

Here are the Sunny Questions implied for answering:

(I NEVER follow rules, then ALWAYS stress and panic, and then ALWAYS end up getting bitten in the bum!)

Favourite Colour:  Pinks, blues and lavenders.  I especially love flowers in these colours.  

Favourite Animal:  I have to say horses.  I'll love them forever!  My last horse, Troubadour, (or Toby) was the love of my life and I was so devastated when he died, that I have never had a horse since.  Luckily my son's girl friend teaches riding and equitation and I am able to visit her horses whenever I want.  Both dogs and cats come highly on my list as well, although we only have one vagabond, black, witch's cat at present.

Favourite Number:  7

Favourite Non-alcoholic Drink:  Costa Coffee Latte.  I also drink several glasses of 'spring' water every day.  Strangely I wasn't asked what alcoholic drink I prefer!  I wonder why!

Facebook or Twitter:  Facebook - I don't twitter.  I can only cope with so much technology!  It took me an eternity to learn how to create a blogsite, and all I ever do is ask for help with it!

Your Passion:  I love my husband and my family with passion, but I am passionate about writing, painting, gardening, riding horses and driving fast cars.  I've just discovered the art of patchwork, and am fast becoming addicted to Blogland.  When I first typed the word 'Spanking' into Google, little did I know where it would lead me!  It has changed my life and my outlook on it!

Giving or Getting Presents:  It has to be 'giving' presents. I adore looking for 'special' things that 'fit' the person, and I adore wrapping them in pretty paper with unusual ribbons and glittery bits.  I'm always the last to open my presents at Christmas, because I get all my enjoyment out of watching other people open theirs.

Favourite Day:  For me this is a difficult one to answer.  I love the first real day of summer, when the sun sears its way across a sky so blue you could drown in it.  Then I love the first time it really snows and covers the ground with sparkly white, and the flakes are big and fat and the sky looks grey and heavy - and I am inside in the kitchen baking!  I also love Christmas Day, in particular Christmas morning, when we break open the champagne and have smoked salmon for breakfast, although it was nicer when the kids were little and they used to drag in their stockings at five in the morning and shriek with excitement!

Favourite Flowers:  I adore old-fashioned roses, and they mostly come in mouth-watering shades of pink and white, and I love it when our garden is awash with bluebells and Queen Anne's lace, and the lavender bushes are in bloom and the scent wafts when you walk past them, scattering the butterflies.  I love blousey pale pink peonies too!

Now on to the nominations...

Truthfully, Starman and I have had, and continue to have, so much support, from so many people here during this stressful time, that I really feel like nominating you all!

Sara:  Sara has been there for me from the very start!  She's ignored some of my 'stranger' comments, she's mentored me through each and every 'sticky patch', and she has offered us both continual kindness and support.  Every so often I refer back to her blog for advice - it's like having a cup of coffee with a friend.  We have much in common, and I am forever grateful for her friendship and understanding.


Lillie:  I will never forget how both Lillie and Ian offered support and advice when Starman and I first ventured into TTWD.  Hers were some of the very first posts I ever read out to him - and believe me, he seemed to take a lot of persuading back then.  (Funny how things change?!!)  

She also helped us more than she can ever know, by supporting us when we learned Starman had prostate cancer, and by asking their daughter questions on our behalf, which helped us to make informed decisions.  

I am still horribly envious of their quarter horses, and am one day determined to meet up just so they can let me ride one of them, regardless of the possibility that it may just earn me a spanking for shaking Starman's nerve!  And I must tell you, Lillie, that when a deer leapt right across the road in front of us on our way home from visiting our daughter, last night, I immediately thought of you!


Mick:  I will always remember the first time I started reading Mick's blog!  I wrote him endlessly long emails and he always answered them!  His post entitled 'letter to my husband' was sheer genius and I wonder how many aspiring TTWD wives have used it to broach the subject of spanking?!  He has been a real inspiration to Starman and I!  (Even if he does lure Lynda into a 'closet' every once in a while!)

And, hey, Mick is also an avid Star Trek fan!  That makes us friends immediately!  I hope he has seen the new film - I haven't yet, but I fully intend to as soon as it does the rounds.


Elisa:  Elisa's comments and emails are inspirational!  We share so many thoughts and feelings on various topics.  She has cheered me up during 'down' moments and made me feel that she is always there in case I need to talk.  

I am very happy to count her amongst my friends!


Jan:  I love our chats back and forth.  Jan makes me laugh with her hilarious descriptions concerning things like carpets and wooden paddles!  It's lovely having Jan so near - how amazing is that!

Jan has been so very encouraging about Starman's impending medical trials. She's not had an easy time herself yet is always happy and cheerful.  We share a very similar sense of humour, and that helps too!


Quiet Sara:  Sara and I have shared several emails.  She is a sweetie!  We have a great deal in common and she has been very supportive to me.  

I feel as if she has been around blogland for much longer than she has.  She fits right in!  I loved her memorable post about the 'different' positions for spanking - but I think I'll stay with what I know - I am not as flexible as I thought I was anymore!  I wish you


Terpsicore:  Terps and I share a common approach to many things.  Her emails are kind and chatty and have offered support throughout.

Her glowing description of her 'Rose Paddle' was all the recommendation I needed to order one of the same.  (I am still waiting for it to arrive!)

Every now and again she will just 'check up' on me and I would to thank her for her kindness.


Betsy:  Betsy was one of the first people to email me with support when we discovered Starman had cancer.  She offered me such good advice and I am forever grateful.

We have emailed occasionally since then and it is so good to know I have yet another good friend out there!  Thank you Betsy.


Roz:  Roz lives a long way away!  However, she is humorous, supportive and happy to share experiences, which is so important when you are starting out.  

I have really enjoyed getting together to do the post we did!  Perhaps another time?!


Dana:  Dana also brought comfort to me when Starman and I first heard the news.  She was full of offers to help and answer any questions I might have.  She fully understood how devastated we both were.  So Dana, here's some


This is where I go "off piste", as there are people I desperately want to nominate due to their outstanding kindness and support over the last few months!

Because they have already been nominated by other people, I asked Minelle whether it would matter if I 'seconded' their nominations.  She said she didn't think so!  So here they are:

Minelle:  I can't explain what it is like having Minelle as a friend.  She is magic.  We usually manage one long (very long) distance phone call a week which goes on well into the second hour!  She makes me shriek with laughter.  Where she is, is usually early morning, so I don't know how she does it, and where I am is usually evening or even night time.  

We talk about all and everything.  We have so many things in common that it is spooky.  I adore the sounds of her household in the background as we converse.  

She has been, and is constantly supportive and never makes negative comments about anyone!

She is a star!


Cat:  When I first heard Cat's drawl, I was lost!  I will never tire of listening to it!  Her sense of humour is second to none, and she has me in stitches.  I love the way she is a 'straight talker' and always truthful.  

Despite her own problems, difficulties and sadness, she is always supportive and full of humour.  And she also sorts me out on my blogsite!  I've threatened to turn up on her doorstep with my son and go sort out her fallen trees down by the creek!  Can you imagine getting a chainsaw on British Airways?!  Blessings right at you Cat!


Sunny:  Sunny has quietly supported Starman and I throughout.  I love her little comments and emails, and I adore reading her stories.  I just want to thank you Sunny!


Willie:  Willie has never failed to cheer me up when I've felt ready to cave in.  She was the very first to reach out and 'come out' to me, and I still treasure the photos she sent me around Christmas time when I was longing for snow!  Little did I realise that we were about to be dumped on for the next three months!

She ceaselessly rallies her troops, and I have enjoyed countless emails and chat sessions with her.  I am very envious of her beautiful Facebook picture profile!  I love her sense of humour, even if it does stretch the bounds of credibility at times!


I'm not sure what I do now - or what the rules say about notifying people of the Award.  No doubt Minelle will come to my rescue before long!

Thank you everyone for reading!


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Our Willie's Version of Mr and Mrs....

Willie had this idea!  I hope she realises that I literally had to pin Starman down to get his answers - and that they were obtained hot on the heels of a little 'reminder' - if you know what I mean!  (Ahem!)

I can't play any music because my computer is so old it doesn't have a sound card!  So you'll have to imagine a drum roll!  Heaven help us all with this little game show!

Now where was I?  Oh yes....

Section One

Q  What would your husband say was the last thing you did, that made him give you "the look"?

A  From Me:  I interrupted him.  (Well, don't I always?!)

A  From Him:  You interrupt me and then speak nonsense.

Q  What part of his body does your husband discuss the most?

A  From Me:  Most of it!

A  From Him:  The whole of my body!

Q  If I could burn one (non implement) possession of my husband's, and get off Scot free, it would be?

A  From Me:  His hideous red and blue striped bathrobe!

A  From Him:  My bathrobe.

Q  What shape would your HOH say your backside is?

A  From Me:  A pancake - after he spanked if of course!

A  From Him:  Pear-shaped.

Q  Nothing makes me sassier than?

A  From Me:  Being given orders.

A  From Him:  ("Ami, what does 'sassier' mean?"  "It means when I'm acting up and being awkward."  "Oh right!")  She gets sassy when I am trying to tell her something, and she doesn't listen to me."

Q  If my family knew we were in a Dd relationship they would?

A  From Me:  Our son would be mortified, but our daughter would probably want to know all about it.

A  From Him:  Partly mortified, but probably they would put the flags out!  (ie give a high five!)

Q  When my husband does (?) I wish I could spank my MIL.

A  From Me:  When he escapes doing any form of washing up or even loading the dishwasher.

A  From Him:  I do my tie up with my left hand because my mother is left-handed, and that's the way she taught me.  I tie my shoelaces up the same!

Q  When making whoopee, my husband's theme song should be?

A  From Me:  I will survive!  

A  From Him:  I will survive!  ("Naturally,"  he said, preening himself in front of his shaving mirror.)

Q  If (?) was an Olympic sport, my husband would take the gold!

A  From Me:  Snoring!

A  From Him:  A three-legged race.  (He said this smugly and was being VERY rude!)

Q  Two words that describe my husband are ......... and .........

A  From Me:  Hairy and cuddly.

A  From Him:  Compact and cuddly.

Section Two

Q  What would be your wife's theme song?

A  From Him:  Entrance of the Queen of Sheba.

A  From Me:  The theme music to one of the Star Trek series - "'s been a long time, getting from there to here...."

Q   Finish this sentence:  Even before TTWD I wanted to spank my wife when she did....

A  From Him:  The thought had never occurred to me - she is the one who put that idea into my mind!

A  From Me:  When I nagged him about something.

Q  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought a (?) would be something I'd spank my wife with.

A  From Him:  A bath brush!

A  From Me:  A hair brush!

Q  My wife is adorable when she (?)

A  From Him:  Attends to my needs!  (Smirk!)

A  From Me:  Waits on him hand and foot and .....

Q  If my wife never makes (?) again for dinner, it would be too soon!

A  From Him:  Suet dumplings.

A  From Me:  Anything with suet in it; or blancmange; or rice pudding.

Q  Pick a bird to represent your wife.  What type of bird do you see yourself as?

A  From Him:  She would be a flamingo because of her long legs.  I see myself as a kite, because it is a big bird that glides overhead always watching what is happening - and it has presence!

A  From Me:  Maybe a flamingo because of my legs?  He would be a falcon, always ready to spot anything I do, that he doesn't agree with!

Q  When I give my wife "the look" often I am thinking (?)

A  From Him:  I wish she'd shut up!

A  From Me:  If you don't shut up now, you are going to get yourself spanked.

Q  Two words that sum up my wife are ......... and ..........

A  From Him:  STUBBORN and MULE  spring to mind!


Q  If there was no chance of getting caught, where is the one place you would like to make whoopee?

A  From Him:  Over the bonnet (hood!) of my Audi!  (From Ami - Wow!  You wait, Honey!)

A  From Me:  In the potting shed like Lady Chatterley!

Q  Aside from her bottom, what's your wife's greatest assets?

A  From Him:  Her tits!  (To the point, I thought!)

A  From Me:  Probably my bosoms!

We had lots of fun doing this Willie!  Thank you for thinking it up.  I wish I could have printed all the little "comments" Starman made......