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SCI SPANKS 2014 - My Story


Sci Spanks 2014 is finally here! Please visit Governing Ana for the prize list, sign-up sheet, and free books. 

You can win from a prize pool valued at over $1,000, including a Kindle Fire or Nook HD donated by Blushing Books!

Many authors will also offer a contest on their individual blogs.  Your comment on their blogs automatically enters you in both the main contest and the individual contests!

How do you play?

1.Visit each blog between Wednesday, June 25th and Sunday, June 29th to read the posted stories and excerpts.

Note: Natasha Knight’s story takes place in a nonconsensual setting, meaning the heroine has not consented to getting spanked. If you are offended or alarmed, you may prefer not to read her story.

2. Leave a comment answering the story question on each blog.  You will receive one entry per blog for the grand prize drawing.  You will also be automatically entered in that author’s individual contest, if she has one.

3.If you have visited all of the blogs, visit Ana’s blog to sign up for FIVE bonus entries to the grand prize.

4.Deadline is midnight EST (UTC -5) on June 29!!

5. If you successfully completed a previous challenge (Love Spanks 2014, Spank or Treat 2013, Spankee Doodle 2013, Love Spanks 2013, or Spank or Treat 2012), you may add “VIP” to your comments.  You will earn THREE bonus entries toward the grand prize.  (Yes, we will be doing this again.  Yes, if you successfully complete the Love Spanks 2014 challenge you can become a VIP for our next activity!)

6. If you are a writer of fiction (any kind), add “W” to your comments to be entered in the special author prize drawings.

7. If you are Sci Spanks 2014 Ambassador, please add “Amb” to your comments to receive your extra prize drawing.

8.Visit Governing Ana or any of the participating blogs on Wednesday, July 2nd to find out the lucky winners. Will it be you? We will also announce prizes on the Sci Spanks Facebook page.

Like these events? Want to support your favorite scifi authors? Become a Sci Spanks Ambassador! In exchange for promoting this event, you will receive one extra prize entry, AND you are still eligible to participate and win prizes! To find out the details, send an email to, with the subject line “Sci Spanks Ambassador.”

For more information, updates, and a list of participating authors, please visit Anastasia Vitsky’s blog.

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For more spanking fun, visit Saturday Spankings for additional snippets.

For my contribution to Ana’s event, I would like to offer a small taste from my Sci Fi novel, Heartsong, which is still being edited. 

Although the novel itself contains very little in the way of spanking, I thought it would be fun to imagine what would happen to my heroine if the man in her life finally decided that her annoying behaviour required some attention.

I hope you enjoy reading it, but if you don’t, just blame Anastasia for inviting me along.

Thanks, Ana, for giving me this opportunity, and for being a good friend.

Excerpt from Heartsong - Book One Eriduh

I’m married to an alien.

My husband, Breeheny, is a bona fide extraterrestrial. You can Google him if you don’t believe me.

Not only does he come with every spine-tingling attribute on a scale from 1 to 10, such as extraordinary height teamed with mouth-watering physical advantages, that cause my libido on occasion severe disbelief, but he is pretty hot in the looks department as well.

As if this isn’t enough to knock a girl sideways, he has a voice that sounds like rich melted chocolate, and the sort of strong determination that makes you realize he is a man used to taking charge and getting his own way at all times and under all circumstances.

Therein lies a problem.

Every upside has its downside. Every positive has its negative.

Every blatantly reckless and disobedient action on my part, has its consequence.

A consequence that often seems to result in the aforesaid alien’s left hand doing its utmost to turn the silky, pale and sensitive cheeks of my bottom into two swollen and scarlet globes you could quite adequately warm your hands on, on a cold winter’s day, or even fry an egg on if you happened to have lost your frying pan.

This means that as soon as my howls have died down to manageable decibels, and I have ceased my anguished bunny-hops whilst trying desperately to rub away some of the pain, I promise myself I will divorce him at the very earliest opportunity, and in between breathless sobs and hiccups I do my best to inform him of this intention. He, on the other hand, simply folds me in a quick hug, kisses the top of my head, and smirks.

He is the type of man who thinks nothing of laying down rules, stating that they must be obeyed, yet who frequently omits to inform me of (a) the reason for the rules, or (b) the consequences of ignoring them. If you have a man like mine, then you have my full sympathy.

Nothing annoys me more than a man like this. Especially as he is the type who never hesitates to warm my bottom using not only his hand, but an eighteen inch wooden ruler (yes, I know it is prehistoric, but believe me when I tell you it does the job) each and every time I am guilty of usurping his authority in the smallest of ways, such as going for an unauthorized stroll around his spaceship, keeping his crew from carrying out their duties, or attempting to borrow his flyer though I have been told categorically never to fly unaccompanied until he considers me to have gained experience.

Not surprisingly on one such recent and momentous occasion, and in order to rub salt into my wounds, perhaps to emphasize the fact that he has an entirely different take on the situation, he warned me that if he ever catches me joy-riding in his flyer again, he will ensure that my bottom remains hot and blazing for a week, not just a day or two.
Let me explain.

Breeheny has an obsession with my safety. I, on the other hand, find this irritating and inconvenient – I am a grown woman after all, and English.

Sadly it is my blatant disregard for both safety and rules that has resulted in what Breheny says is a written-off flyer, barely off the production line, with brightwork so glossy and new it looked as if it was still wet.

It is this disregard that has caused him to drop an entire container of freshly brewed latte and spit the remainder over half his Bridge and the officers on duty there, has led to a spanking of truly epic proportions, and causes me yet again to consider my propensity for divorce action.


The day starts off normally enough.

The hairbrush comes down for what could possibly be the fifteenth time. Unfortunately I am bawling my eyes out and can’t count even if you beg me to.

“You have used a whole week’s supply of water in just ten minutes.”

Breheny’s voice sounds about as pained as my rapidly reddening rear.

“We’ve been over this again and again. Until we can be reliably assured of coming out of a wormhole in the vicinity of a hydrogen based planet, and therefore having access to fresh supplies, the rule is the same for you as for any other person aboard this ship. You conserve water.”

Swat Swat Swat

He increases his tempo.

“Why you have to be constantly reminded is a complete mystery to me.”

Swat Swat Swat

“When I come off the Bridge I expect to be able to have the same length of shower you have the privilege of taking.”

Swat Swat Swat

“I do not find it remotely funny to cover myself all over with this smelly, feminine, lavender, excuse for a cleansing bar you call soap, only to have the warning buzzer go and the water to cease running.”

Swat Swat Swat

“And all because you either couldn’t be bothered to wait for me to share a shower, or you decided to take a shower twice as long as anyone else.”

Swat Swat Swat

He throws down my hairbrush and sits me on his lap.  I wince and cry louder, trying to shrug off his arms as they persist in hugging me tight.

“So can I remind you once again of the rules and ask you to remember – only five minutes, in future.”

His head disappears in the direction of my bosoms. I feel myself pushed backwards on the bed and his hand starts to play melodies on my most sensitive bits.

I stop sniffling and moan instead. Did I happen to mention that Breeheny has a way of insisting on my obedience that mixes pain with pleasure in the most convincing way?


Having been on the Bridge for most of the night, it isn’t long before he is snoring.

I am now wide awake, so I finish dressing and make my way to the Mess deck where I consume a glass of Spaartahn pear juice and a large deliciously spicy bread roll slathered with honey. I am due to meet Morgane, Breheny’s younger brother and second in command, for a flying lesson.
Although my flying career to date has been somewhat erratic, and the results of my endeavors unpredictable, I never miss an opportunity to take a flyer for a few turns around the immediate area of space occupied by the Isandia.

This time I am disappointed. Morgane is nowhere in sight. My spirits drop, but I look around, see Breeheny’s flyer primed and ready to go at a moment’s notice, and resolutely decide my first solo flight is imminent regardless of his stupid rules.

I clamber into the driving seat intent on fastening my helmet and ignoring the fact that the deck seems peculiarly quiet for this time of day.

I lower the canopy and rapidly run through the usual pre-flight checks. Everything seems in order. I fire her up, lift and make my escape via the force-field and the open doors. The stars appear like clotted cream across my vision as I turn slightly, veering down and under the belly of the huge vessel. I try to remember everything Morgane has told me.

Fortunately the flyer is no more difficult to handle than driving a Jaguar XK8 and I play happily like a child with a new toy, keeping well to the rear of the Isandia, though I know Breeheny is dead to the world, or rather, universe.

Eventually, feeling somewhat bored, I become more adventurous and turn away heading into, for me at least, unchartered territory.

Big mistake.


I find myself caught up in a cloud of rolling space debris that ranges from rock the size of front doors, to pieces the size of whole houses, and one or two the size of sky scrapers.

Panic-stricken I complete a rapid U-turn whilst swerving madly in order to avoid a collision. The debris appears thicker than I think and I feel on the smug side when I finally manage to extricate myself, mostly in one piece, and come out a short distance from the ship. My smugness is wiped off my face, when I look up in horror, to see a line of grim-faced officers observing me through the viewing port on the Bridge.

Breeheny, who by this time has split his coffee, forces his way through them to stand glaring at me with a grim Just you wait until I get hold of you face. I try to turn and flee.

This time my luck runs out. I narrowly miss a piece of rock seemingly the size of Newfoundland, only to slam sideways into another piece the size of Canada. Well, okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it feels like I’ve hit an oncoming express train.

Dizzily I bounce around for a bit, sirens blaring as the automatic safety mask on my helmet glues itself to my face. The flyer spins and leaks oxygen like an old bucket, and I think I may throw up at any minute. Fortunately I pass out before the crew sent to extract the flyer and return it to the flight deck, arrive.


How can a voice resembling chocolate develop a hard edge to it so quickly?

Four days have passed and I am sufficiently recovered from my little escapade to, in Breeheny’s words, suffer the consequences of my misdemeanors.

I am draped over his lap, my front half on the bed, chewing a pillow in order to try to muffle my howls, my back half feeling and possibly looking like a roast on a spit. He ignores the ruler and just uses his hand, but I fear that is about to change.

I am unceremoniously dumped on the floor still howling. Breeheny is undeterred. He heaps pillows on the end of the bed, then picks me up and arranges me over them, my glowing bottom uppermost. His arm feels like steel, as he holds me firm, my left hand trapped beneath me.

I notice a faint blur out of the corner of my eye, then the memory of all previous spankings dwindles rapidly into insignificance. I try to lift up but am securely held down. Breeheny swings a length of deep purple leather around a foot long and two and a half inches wide across my unhappy cheeks.

“This is P’tahrian F’leem leather. It’s what my father used to discipline Freer, Morgane and I when we were boys. I only recently came across it amongst my possessions. I must have kept it as a souvenir. I didn’t realize it would come in handy so soon, but I think you’ll agree it’s extremely effective.”

He moves to my sit spots.

I scream. He keeps going.

“It’s pointless having a discussion with someone who so consistently ignores what I say. Didn’t you think it strange the flight deck was so quiet? Why did you think I was able to leave the Bridge so early in order to take some down time?

“I had hoped to share that time with you.”

The purple strap moves down to scald the backs of my thighs. I kick and it curls itself around the inside of my right thigh.

I scream. He keeps going.

“Never again will you violate a rule and place yourself in danger. Do you understand?”

The strap continues to fall on its way back up, re-crossing the welts left when it passed that way before.

I scream. He keeps going.

I stop fighting and sag against the covers, my legs falling apart.

He lays one final crack across my bottom that falls across my lower lips, stinging like hornets. I am crying too hard to react.

He gathers me into his arms, my terrorized bottom resting on his knees, his hand in my hair.

“Eriduh, you are my heart” he tells me. “I cannot live without you.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Sci Spanks 2014

SCI SPANKS JUNE 25TH - 29TH 2014!!!

I am very excited to be able to publicise this event. Sci Fi is very near to my heart, having dedicated much of my life to reading it and in the process collecting more Sci Fi books than I care to mention.

I am even more excited to be able to tell you that I have been persuaded to make a small contribution myself this year. I am giving you a tiny taster from my "work in progress" - my novel Heartsong. I wrote "a little extra" into one of the chapters, just for you! I do hope you will enjoy it.


Would you like free stories, fun, and a chance at over $1,000 in prizes? This summer, you can participate in a short story extravaganza! Award-winning authors of dystopian, paranormal, urban fantasy, speculative, and science fiction will showcase stories for your enjoyment. Chat with your favorite authors, meet new-to-you authors, find great new books, and meet new friends!

Sci Spanks Featured Authors:

Anastasia Vitsky

Anne Ferrer Odom

Carole Cummings

Cathy Pegau

Erzabet Bishop

Eve Langlais

Eva Lefoy

Jessica E. Subject

Kate Richards

Kathryn R. Blake

Leigh Ellwood

Louisa Bacio

Maren Smith

Natasha Knight

Olivia Starke

Sue Lyndon

Introducing guest blogger Ami Starsong!

Want to become a Sci Spanks ambassador and earn an extra prize entry? See below!

Even better, participation could earn you a GRAND PRIZE!


Kindle Fire or Nook HD (winner’s choice)
(donated by Blushing Books)
$25 gift certificate to Amazon and an autographed copy of Alien Warriors*Available to US and Canada only
(donated by Sue Lyndon)
$20 gift certificate to Amazon(donated by Witty Bard Publishing)
$20 gift certificate to ThinkGeek(donated by Naughty Bard Press)
Alien tote bag, autographed book, and assorted swag
(donated by Eve Langlais)
Custom-written short story
(donated by Erzabet Bishop)
VIP membership to Loose Id
One-year membership to Silkwords (two winners)
Spotlight plus a guest reviewer spot on Read the Rainbow


Book cover plus author promotional package at Fantasia Frog Designs)
Custom author social media package at The Cover Artisan)
Digital ebook formatting (Kindle, Nook, and PDF) of up to 100K
(donated by Wizards in Publishing)
$15 Free advertising at Long and Short Reviews
$15 toward advertising from Goddess Fish Promotions
Author spotlight feature at Little’s Books
Author spotlight feature at Fallen Over Book Reviews
Author spotlight feature at Erzabet’s Enchantments


6-month online couple membership to Learning Domestic Discipline
6-month membership to Discipline and Desire
Custom-made wooden paddle* from Blondie’s Place
*Available to US and Canada only
Spanking paddle* from Kate Richards*Available to US and Canada only, gift certificate substitution for international players
Goody bags from BDSM Bookreviews (five winners)


Book Bundles from:
Alison Tyler
Angels of Anarchy
Cassandre Dayne
Erik Schubach
Go Deeper Press
Ishtar Publishing
NNP (Naughty Nights Press)
Stormy Night Publications
Ylva Publishing

Many authors also will offer a contest on their individual blogs. Your comment on their blogs automatically enters you in both the main contest and the individual contests!

What’s the catch? Absolutely nothing! We love writing for you and want to thank you for your readership. Perhaps someone might get a spanking or two, but that’s a reward rather than a catch, right? ;)

Here are the rules:
Visit each blog between Wednesday, June 25 and Sunday, June 29 to read the posted stories and excerpts.
Leave a comment answering the story question on each blog. You will receive one entry per blog for the grand prize drawing. You will also be automatically entered in that author’s individual contest, if she has one.
If you have visited all of the blogs, visit Ana’s blog to sign up for FIVE bonus entries to the grand prize. 

Deadline is midnight EDT (UTC -4) on June 29!! 

If you successfully completed a previous challenge (Love Spanks 2014, Spank or Treat 2013, Spankee Doodle 2013, Love Spanks 2013, or Spank or Treat 2012), you may add “VIP” to your comments. You will earn THREE bonus entries toward the grand prize. (Yes, we will be doing this again. Yes, if you successfully complete the Love Spanks 2014 challenge you can become a VIP for our next activity!)
If you are an published writer/author, please add “W” to your comments. That way, your name will be entered in the special author prize drawings.

Visit any of the participating blogs on Wednesday, July 2nd to find out the lucky winners. Will it be you?

NEW THIS YEAR! Visit us on Facebook ( between June 25th and 29th to receive an invitation to an exclusive Sci Spanks party! Chat with your favorite authors, earn extra prize entries, and give feedback about the stories!

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To sign up, contact Ambassador Liaison Kathryn Blake at, with the subject line “Sci Spanks Ambassador.”

For more information, updates, and a list of participating authors, please visit:

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Twitter hashtag: #SciSpanks

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Full Circle

We are back from our much-needed break. It was hot, sunny and sadly I am no lighter, despite eating lots of Greek salads. (Minus the olives - Dan eats all of mine for me.)

We visited many interesting places, and the one we liked the best was a smallish island called Rhodes, just across from the Turkish mainland. The old town of Rhodes is a fascinating place; history built upon history.

Little narrow, winding, cobbled streets. Greek bars and restaurants with huge pomegranate trees with little tables and chairs under them to protect you from the heat of the day. Delicious food to try and highly intoxicating drinks to sip.

No, Dan isn't in the photograph, but it gives you an idea of what I am talking about.

See the sky. We don't see enough of that colour in the UK.

Dan and I wandered the streets and I flitted in and out of the charming little touristy shops. (I love touristy shops!) I bought some soaps made with olive oil, and some Greek herbs and spices.

Dan bought a couple of natural sponges, a new louffa, and this

It's an olive wood spatula, about twelve inches long and a quarter of an inch thick. Beautiful and innocuous. Ha!

When I fed the wooden spatula much featured in my first posts, (and the very first implement we ever used) that broke right down the middle, to the flames of one of our winter fires at least a year ago, I never thought I would have the pleasure of experiencing the feel of another one. How wrong I was!

We have turned full circle.

I hated that snippy little implement with a vengeance. It was light as a feather but it burned like a hornet's sting, and left more bruises than I care to remember.

I rarely bruise these days unless it has been a very intense session, but this little horror is a cracker. I end up with a large red patch on each cheek with a white centre to it; (Why white? I thought all bruises were blue.) These patches burn for hours and make me feel as if I have ants in my pants when I sit down later.

It only cost a few Euros and looks quite fragile. Believe me when I tell you this will probably outlast all our other implements! 

Dan is delighted with it. He can play rapid staccato, spank my thighs without causing any damage, slice it sharply into my sit spots, and even (horrors, but then, that's Dan's sense of humour) park it conveniently between my butt cheeks whilst having a discussion about my snippy attitude.

Yesterday he even went to the trouble of warming me up with leather paddle and playing Fifty Shades of Red with the cellulite brush, before ensuring my stress was totally obliterated by this endearing little wooden gem. 

At one point I tried to throw myself off his lap but he was having none of it and hung on like a cowboy on a bucking bronco. 

I was such a howling, snivelling, soggy mess by the time he had finished, that I decided on the spot to forget purchasing a wooden paddle like the big girls use - ever! 

Sadly he claims that a more severe spanking ensures better lubrication than any other kind. Horrors. Why does my body do this to me?! It seems to sever the connection with my brain and insist on commencing to orgasm. I no longer have any control over it at all. I have never yet gone into subspace, but this is something else! My mind may not be very submissive, but my body is determined to make up for it.

And it all began with a little wooden spatula.