Friday, 10 May 2013

Waiting for a Spanking!

I wasn't going to write this post just yet.  I was going to do a Saturday Snippets, as I hadn't done one for so long.  But then I realised that we are going away for the weekend to some friends, so I brought this post forward.  There seem to be several opinions on this topic, and it would be good to hear a mixture of viewpoints.

I want to know how you WAIT for a spanking?!

I'm sure most of you know about our Spanky Thursdays.  They've been going for some time now, and are a mixture of everything.  Whatever we want them to be.  Maintenance, role affirmation, stress-busters, good girl spankings, re-connections, punishments - you name it.  Thursdays are the only days we seem to be on our own without interruption, and even then people call, and the telephones ring, and unexpected circumstances crop up.

On the odd occasion we have managed an extra session at some point during the week - and once or twice Starman has given me a passing swat or six completely out of the blue for no particular reason other than he felt like it.  But having realised I am not going to run away if he spanks me, and having realised he quite likes to use a particular implement and redden my butt, and that he is getting good at it, he seems to often slide into 'self-satisfied and dormant mode', and that doesn't quite reach the spot - for me anyway.

I am headstrong, demanding and needy these days - twenty four seven.

If I am expected to try to become submissive (Ha!) then I expect my HOH to keep me in check, to honour my demands, and to fulfil my needs. (Ha!)

After all these years I know the life just isn't like that.  And if it is for you, then you are a very lucky person.  Because for most of us, life gets in the way.  

It's like this.  You are happily eating Coco Moonbeams.  You've eaten them for the last twenty years.  All your friends eat them too.  Then the company stops making them!  You use the same washing detergent, Breeze, that you have used for twenty five years, then the company stops making it, or makes it so horribly biological that it causes your skin to fall off.  You find a lipstick that you love, in just the right shade, and at just the right price.  And it has a pretty container.  Then the company decides in its wisdom that you should be bored with that by now.  So it stops making it and makes one in a revolting shade of bright orange instead!  

Get the picture?

So for the last four weeks our happy spanky Thursdays have been rudely interrupted by the arrival of workmen in the Starsong household doing all those little jobs required before you sell a place.  (Don't panic dear friends, we are only going to move about eight feet in a westerly direction - I kid you not!)

All these disruptions have unnerved Starman and irritated me.  The lovely spanking pattern he had gotten used to, and fallen into, either now gets rushed and packed into about twenty minutes (if he fails to wake up early), or worse still, abandoned altogether.

We talked three weeks ago about this, and he made the unanimous decision to move things to a Wednesday instead.  Then the first one of those he was away, then the second one we had to go to London, then this week he was away again.  Hallelujah!

So all we end up with is an Ami who increasingly feels and acts like a bottle of warm champagne that has been shaken and shaken until the cork starts to edge its way from the bottle of its own volition, and the only thing holding the darn thing in is the thin little wire you're meant to untwist first.

Let me take you back a couple of weeks.  

Remember my Apocalypse?

I knew there would be another part to that one.  I felt it in my bones.  I could sense it coming the way the bushmen of the Kalahari sense a gathering sandstorm.  It was gathering there on the horizon!

After that good old hefty spanking my butt and I were completely angelic.  We both felt like we were walking on sunshine.  Had you been around here you would have wondered where the old Ami had gone.  I was such a good girl!  (Snort!)

But as the appointment at the London hospital drew closer we both began to stress.  Not for a particular reason other than a sense of intrepidation, an uncertainty and fear of the unknown journey ahead of us despite being organised and knowing where we were going.

All through this I managed to keep calm despite seeing Starman's anxiety begin to climb the Richter Scale.  I was a determined woman, and I planned on being like the boy in the Ancient Mariner who stood on the "burning deck when all about had fled".  

Even when Starman got to the car park and thought he had left the train tickets at home, then found them in his breast pocket; even when he tried to remove my tow hitch with a spanner in the car park because he thought someone might steal it during the day and then he discovered that it was virtually rusted on anyway; even when he thought we might be late although I assured him we were going to be two hours early - I did my best to remain unflappable.

So we arrived in London.  The station wasn't too busy as it was late morning and most of the commuters were hard at work in their offices.

We visited the public conveniences to freshen up, then Starman looked at his watch.  My stomach started to rumble.  I mentioned that it might be a good idea to have something to eat as he had his appointment at 1.30 which would make things a little difficult.

He said we could get a sandwich.  I'm not keen on sandwiches.  I can't take too much wheat/gluten in a day, and I'd had my usual morning slice of wholemeal half and half.  I really had my sights set on a salad.  Starman glared at me.  He reminded me that we were going to stay in town and have a  meal before catching the train home, in order to miss the busy commuting trains leaving the city in late afternoon.  I reminded him that too much wheat gave me stomachache.  I began to get cross.  I marched off towards a whole bunch of little restaurants/eateries/wine bars/cateterias that surround the station.  Starman told me in no uncertain terms that he wasn't paying their silly inflated prices, and that if I didn't want a sandwich I would have to go without.

My hackles went up.  I told him that that was fine, and that I would just have a bowl of soup.  I didn't even want a roll with it.

So he did his impression of an Arab sheik, ie striding ahead with his wife ten steps behind, until he reached a small place he knew would sell soup.  He stood outside huffing and waiting for me.  Grrrrrrrr!  The soup was in a plastic cup and you had to drink it standing up.  I had two hours to kill, and I didn't intend to drink my soup out of a plastic cup standing up!  I began to go into giant slayer mode.  I marched out of the soup shop and back into the station. I rounded the corner and forged my way up the stairs to an Italian self service restaurant (one of a very large chain) and asked what the soup of the day was.

Minestrone.  (That figures - it was an Italian restaurant after all.)

I'm not that keen on minestrone, but I told them that was fine and paid for it and a coffee for Starman who was giving me daggers and muttering under his breath about disobedient and insubordinate wives.  (There's really a lot more snapping on my behalf and growling on Starman's behalf, than I have written here, but it would probably take another three pages to go into detail!)

I slid into a booth right at the back of the restaurant and Starman sat down opposite me.  They brought my soup, which had been frozen and reheated in a microwave, and set it down in front of me.  It both looked and smelled awful. I took a sip, burned my mouth, choked, and burst into tears.

Starman was, justifiably, furious with my behaviour, and did nothing to comfort me.  All he did was glare at me and tell me I was acting like a child.  All that did was stoke the flames.  I cried even more, slashing at my tears and sniffing loudly as I didn't have a handkerchief.  

I pushed my soup away from me and stood up.  I told Starman that I would go to the Ladies and repair my makeup, and that perhaps it would be better if we stopped hanging around and went to the hospital and waited there.  He finished his coffee and we met up at the door. 

We caught the tube in silence, both too stressed to speak to each other.

Luckily it only took ten minutes, and we found the hospital without any difficulty.  It was large, modern (lots of glass and stainless steel), had a huge reception area with comfy couches and potted plants that jostled with high-tech screens that told you when your appointment was due, and other screens you passed a bar-code over to admit you through various glass doors.

We began to relax, and we talked to each other once more.  There was a Costa Coffee outlet in one corner and I had a large one.  We both said afterwards that we hadn't realised until that point just how very stressed we both were.

Eventually it was time for Starman's appointment, and we were directed downstairs to a smaller clinic to wait in a line of chairs to meet the Consultant.  A lady and gentleman were sitting waiting ahead of us.  They were husband and wife.  I sat down next to him with Starman on my left.  We said hello and began with the usual small talk.  He was there for the very same reason as Starman and had been attending for just over a year.  He was very upbeat and was able to reassure Starman about the various treatments and the studies being carried out.  Then we sat in silence for about three minutes. 

The gentleman turned to me.  He laughed.  Then he looked at me and said, "It's like sitting in a line waiting to be spanked by the headmaster isn't it?"

Beside me Starman choked.  I couldn't look at him, I was too busy trying not to fall off my chair.

"Oh, er yes," I managed.  "We got the ruler across our knuckles.  The cane across our palms if we were really bad."

"In my school" the gentleman told us, "we got either the strap or the cane.  I remember it well.  Didn't hurt us at all to get those.  Well, only our arses perhaps."  He laughed again.

I tried to laugh with him but all I could hear was Starman muttering something under his breath.  I only heard the words "arse all right".  I was still trying to wake up from the alternate universe I seemed to have found myself in.

So, I'll condense things a bit here.  

We went in to see the consultant who was brilliant, kind, informative and supportive.  He told Starman his cancer was small and gave no reason for immediate concern.  He discussed that he would be placed on not one, but two, cancer trials, and that within five months it should all be dealt with, and then given over to regular monitoring.

The relief was palpable.

We were in and out within an hour.  And back on the tube.  It was only three o'clock and we decided to return to the station and catch the 4 o'clock train home, and eat when we got back.  

We had time to do a little shopping en route, and we were on the train in good time and before the rush.  We dropped into a Chinese and bought a takeaway before we reached our car, and happily, the tow hitch was still in place, as we both knew it would be.

The next morning was Thursday.  

We had been so exhausted that we had gone straight to sleep that night and we didn't wake up very early.  In fact we panicked because we heard both the builder and the carpenter arrive and we were still in bed.  Starman had to do a quick balancing act putting on jeans and shoes in a hurry to go downstairs to tell them what needed doing.  

But just before when he got to the door of the bedroom he turned around and came back to my side of the bed.

"I haven't forgotten you know" he told me.

"I just want you to know that if you ever, EVER behave that way again, regardless of it being in the middle of a large London station, I will find somewhere to go, even if it is a gents toilet, and I WILL SPANK YOUR ARSE SO HARD YOU WON'T SIT DOWN FOR A WEEK!  But as Murphy's Law has kicked in yet once again, you are going to have to wait for it."

"Shall we have eggs for breakfast dear?" he smiled at me and hurried off and downstairs.

So I waited.  And I waited. 

One or two friends I confided in kept enquiring about the state of my backside.  I was able to tell them it was fine.

And I waited.

The worst thing about waiting is that one or two things happen.  

You think he has forgotten about you.  You think he doesn't care enough about you to administer justice and forgive you.  You alternate between worrying and burying your head in the sand like an ostrich.  You start to get resentful.  You start to get angry.  You wonder whether to give up with the whole sheebang.  You start to feel regret and that you have let him down.  You start to feel miserable and scared, and you just want to get over his knee and get on with things.

Waiting sucks!

Starman was away yet again this week and didn't return until Wednesday night.  

My wait was over this morning.

We talked a great deal, but mostly he talked about work, about what jobs needed doing by the builder and carpenter today, the weather and the possibility of rain.  In fact I thought he was never going to talk about THE SPANKING at all.

But then he did.

All I can say is that his anger was gone.  Luckily for my butt.  I should hate to be spanked by a man who was angry!  It was as bad as I knew it should be.  I was in total agreement with the severity of it.  I needed it for lots of reasons.  I had waited two weeks for it.  It needed to be severe.

It was long and hard.  We had broken the HH on its last outing, so Starman picked three implements and used his hand as well.  He leant against the headboard in his usual position and guided me across his lap.  It took a few minutes to get me comfortable.  He told me he wouldn't be rushing things.

He started with his hand.  He went from 0 to 60 in about three seconds!

As far as a warm-up was concerned, it was more of a "hot-up"!  I started to count them in my head, and then gave up with a rapid intake of breath as he slowed and played his "bongo" game on my butt!  I was desperate to laugh, but believe me, I didn't dare.  He was just cutting down on time and effort by using both hands at once!  

"Hmmm" he said.  "Not much of a reaction here.  Time to change up a gear."

I felt the leather paddle come down across both cheeks.  I like it best of all of our 'toys'.  It's a beginner's paddle, and can be great fun.  But this time he was somehow flicking it in such a way that I began to wiggle about.  He hauled me back into place and started up again.  I could feel my bottom getting warmer and warmer.  He rubbed me a few times, but then he kept going back and doing another ten or so.  This went on for a while.

I tried to manoeuvre so that it wouldn't keep aiming for the middle each time.  Starman noticed.

"Okay" he said.  "Let's try your favourite little friend."

I flinched as the little wooden spatula made its presence known.  Horrid, whippy little thing!  So innocent looking, so lightweight!  And how I hate it!

Starman didn't say a great deal as he spanked.  He had been justifiably hurt and annoyed by my tantrum, and he was fed up with the continually repeated cycle.  However, he did concede that we had both been pretty well stressed to overload, but to my mind anyway, he was now enjoying "the moment" rather more than I would have wished.  

I was beginning to kick as my bottom heated to furnace proportions, and I determinedly kept my hands under my pillow and buried my face as I began to yelp with each stinging spank.

"It's getting nice and rosy" I was informed.  "But we're not finished yet by a long chalk."
He switched up yet again.  I felt a heavy, scolding splat across my right cheek.  Then before I was able to react, I felt a second splat across my left cheek.  Then another two, and another two.  I kicked my legs, shot forwards, and sobbed that I was sorry.

"I thought you would be if I used this" he told me.

He was christening our new short-handled bath brush!  From now on it will be known as the Bloody Bathbrush, or BB for short!  It is made from solid, polished beech, and is half an inch thick and fourteen inches long, and as I said earlier, totally inflexible.

He held me gently but firmly down, put his right leg over mine, and went to work on my derriere with determination.  I, meanwhile, was very glad to have the pillow to bury my face in.  I do not know how wives go over the knee and dangle to the floor with nothing to hold on to.  I had to air that pillow afterwards for a full twenty four hours out in the sunshine!

I was no longer listening, talking or counting.  That moment had passed after the third spank!  I was just trying my best to cope.

"It really really hurts," I can remember shouting.  

"Good" he replied.

Embarrassingly I admit to you that I sobbed and sobbed.  I can remember thinking at the time, that I was immensely relieved to be given the opportunity let go of all my pent up feelings.  It was just that each and every stroke was horrible.  You are all absolutely right - punishment is NOTHING like play because of the mental anguish attached to it.

Starman slowed and switched back to the leather paddle for a second round.  I didn't even feel it.  He stopped after about ten swats and changed to the spatula once again.  I didn't feel that either.  He noticed and slowed.  

"Nothing is as bad as that bath brush" I informed him gasping.  "It's evil!"

"You have two of the reddest patches on your cheeks I have ever seen!  They are perfectly round!"

(Well, goody!!  It's just what I always wanted!)

And he started up again with the BB.  I was on the point of going limp.  But the pain was too bad to keep completely still and I can remember tensing my cheeks, which was a real mistake because my bottom isn't very plump and one or two swats were a bit of the 'thuddy' type and I was crying so hard by this time that he slowed and stopped.  I felt him gently brush my cheeks with the soft bristles of the BB, and he told me that was enough.

I couldn't move.  I just cried and cried into my pillow.  I couldn't stop.  He rubbed my back and got a bit anxious.  

"Are you alright?  Was it too much?"

"No" I croaked.  "I'm fine.  I deserved every swat.  I needed it."

I lay still with my head turned towards him on the very damp pillow.  My bottom burned.

"It's really red, and it's hotter than it's ever been.  Where's the cream?  I'll rub it for you."

I scrovelled up on my knees, wincing as my heel touched my butt, and passed him some soothing skin lotion.

My face and hair were wet through and I knew my eyes would be as red as my bottom.  

I collapsed face down over him again enjoying the 'aftercare'.  

All I can tell you is that it was as good as ever.  We didn't hurry - we took our time.  For me, a burning bottom, apres a spanking, is the best feeling in the world!  

"We need to do this more often.  Some people are spanked every day!"

"Well you're not going to be.  And anyway, it would lose its effect.  I know you.  Spankings should be like life, a little unpredictable."  He shook his head and made for the shower.  

"Well, just don't keep me waiting two weeks ever again," I entreated.

I stood in front of the full-length mirror and slowly turned around inspecting my anatomy.  

Oh dear.  No swimming for me again for the next five or six days.  And just in case you're wondering - no, this is not my BTM, but it looks just like mine did!

I rooted around and got out the arnica to use after my shower.  I had a feeling I would need it.  I also knew I would sit down gingerly the first couple of times.  But then, strangely, the burn goes and the redness starts to fade.  I'm never sore for very long.  Usually.

This time I did feel somewhat stiff, and there was a certain ache deep in my buttocks.  But I'm fine.  I really am.  I'm not saying I would be able to cope with this intensity every day.  I'd have no bottom left!  But I am not harmed in any way.  As awful as it was at the time, I am the better for the spanking.  I'm okay and he's okay!  It got rid of a lot of stress for him too!


I brought this idea of discipline to Starman, and he has now begun to deliver. Perhaps he won't always be consistent.  It's still relatively early days.  And he's only human after all!  And so am I, so I am positive there will be lots more deluxe spankings on the horizon!

I just hope he won't make me wait as long in the future!

But for now, I am wearing my wings again!


  1. Ami this had me giggling all over the place and I'm so glad it ended well....well, not for your bottom. You know what I mean. :)

    I think your husband is doing a fine job but I know what you're saying about waiting. We are about once a week, usually on a Tuesday. I like it. And I hate it.


    1. You have to have a sense of humour Maryanne. It's what carries me through this life! I can always see the funny side.

      If our house wasn't the general meeting place for family and friends at all times of the day and night we wouldn't have to worry! Good grief! But I am definitely not waiting two weeks again! My nerves and my bum won't stand it!

      I think he is beginning to look forward to 'his stress relief' as much as I do - which is a good thing.



  2. Wow, Ami, this recount made my butt cheeks clinch.

    Glad to hear the good news from the treatment center.

    1. Thank you Sunny. I wish I could say I didn't deserve it, but you can see that I did. I also feel funny saying that in a funny way I enjoyed it! It had been so long in coming, and I do love the afterburn, the aftereffects, the aftercare..... LOL!



  3. How about you keep those angel wings on for a while. I don't think MY butt can take another one of those spankings. It's sore just from clenching, lol.

    1. I am going to keep the angel wings for a bit. It was a bit of a marathon. However, I am feeling great and the bruises have all gone! Clenching is a bad idea - it makes it hurt more!



  4. Well girl you now have the award for granite butt! I am glad that you both were able to release all that stress. I know it was helpful in resolving all that craziness.

    You know I am happy about the treatment advice!

    1. Nah - that has to be our dear Willie! She just sneers at the bathbrush! I don't know how she does it - thinks of miles of sand and sunny beaches I think!

      Yeah, I'm happy too about the trials. The first appointment will be in June I think for another MRI and a 'mapping'. (Could be July, but I can't remember.) Anyhow, Starman is on good form right now, thank you.



  5. Luckily I haven't had to wait much for a spanking... It would be so hard! I am a very impatient girl. Last night we skipped maintenance due to my sadness (regarding my post.) Today I went out to StrongMan while he was working on the car and I told him I was ready for it again tonight. He was so happy. He said, "I LOVE when you ask for it!" Happy Bottoms :)

    1. No, waiting sucks! I have asked on occasion, but we rarely get the opportunity to be alone in this house! Golly, a husband who works on his car! My My!



  6. Oh goodness, two weeks! That is one serious wait! Yikes! Sounds like it was a tough one. Glad it's over!

    1. I was glad when it was over too! But I have to admit to enjoying the feeling afterwards. It makes all the stress go away and I feel really good. I'm not waiting that long again though!



  7. Hey Ami...First and most importantly...doing my happy dance to hear the positive news regarding the trials!

    Dang, my butt hurts just reading about that spanking! But good for Starman on stepping up. Sorry and happy you got such a hard spanking. ;)

    Your behaviors and attitudes at the station?...I have to say, it was almost as if Starman wanted to hurry and get started whereas you were holding back...just how it reads to me.

    I am still laughing over the "sitting in a line waiting to be spanked by the headmaster." Absolutely priceless! :D

    Hugs and Blessings,

    1. Thank you Cat!

      Well, yes, my butt hurt at the time. But it seems to get over it very quickly! I think the bath brush and I are going to have a love/hate relationship! It is the most magnificent way of relieving tension though, for both of us. Yes, I honestly think that Starman was more anxious than I have seen him for a very long time!

      I wish that line at the hospital could have been videoed! It was surreal!



  8. Lol ami I had to laugh, glad I'm not the only one who gets herself in trouble when stressed :(

    I can totally sympathise with the situation, sometimes the stress and hunger and the fear of unknown can get is so worked up, all respect is thrown out the window.

    I've never really had to wait for a punishment, he's the type of guy who will find somewhere to deal with the situation, but I can imagine it must be hard to have to wait for such a long time. I think you did well having to wait two weeks, in that time I would have had several other punishments in top :(

    Also yes punishment spankings do have a different feel to them, it's emotionally charged.

    1. It's strange - when I read of other people getting their asses tanned I feel all upset and sympathetic - but when it happens to me I feel a mix of excitement and exhilaration. Only afterwards. Not at the time I am being spanked. I don't own to having a high pain threshold and it blooming hurts like hell! Still, it did me good and relieved all stress and tension for both of us! Must just work on keeping my stupid temper in check next time! Ha Ha!



  9. Well Ami, very happy first and foremost about what the doctor said!

    Now, not that it matters, because as Barney points out ( and I HATE when he uses my words-to the boys against ME) it is alright to be hurt/angry, but it is how we deal with those emotions that are important<- I know I want him to lecture...but seriously get your own lecture! LOL. Anyway, I would have been extremely hurt in your situation when you were telling Starman about why you required something other then a sandwich for lunch, and that would have been the last straw at keeping back my emotions too.

    Sounds like the two of you were both trying to control the one thing you could in a day you had no control over.

    I'm sorry you had to wait so long. Life often dishes out cruel and unusual punishments on top of the ones we find ourselves in. Good on you for being honest while bottoms up, and waiting for the release you needed, no matter how difficult it was


    1. Thanks Willie.

      Starman doesn't do a great deal in the lecturing department. And sometimes he makes me giggle which has a reverse effect on what he is trying to achieve. I am a hopeless case Willie! But you have hit the nail on the head entirely in everything you have said!

      Think I might need to invest in a loopy whatsit so that waiting doesn't keep becoming an issue!



  10. Hey Ami,

    I'm so glad to hear the good news from the Doctor. I had to laugh at the conversation you had with the other couple while waiting. Must have been surreal LoL

    Life does get in the way, and I hate waiting. I hate having it over my head ... er ... butt and it consumes my thoughts until it's over. There is also uncertainty as to whether it will actually happen, or whether he will drop it given the delay and the fact that the initial feelings over the incident fade somewhat over time. All that leaves me feeling rather unsettled and there are times I've asked him if he still intends to spank or not.

    My bottom is still tingling just from reading this and I'm so sorry you had such a hard spanking, but glad you were both able to relieve the stress. Punishment spankings are completely different aren't they? So much more emotion involved.


    1. That conversation was completely surreal! Yes, the news has lightened the household a great deal.

      You are right, it wasn't the fact of whether it would happen, but when it would happen. I hated that waiting part!

      I got the 'look' for something this evening, and my bottom tingled immediately. Do you think they are programmed to react in this way?!



  11. Hi Ami, gosh almighty he really has got the hang of it all now. You have overtaken us at warp speed!! We are so glad that the hospital news is good, just remember you are going backwards and forwards to London on the train, better be good next time. Imagine the embarrassment of a public scolding. Hope you had a good weekend, speak soon
    love Jan.xx

    1. Well, he's got the hang of it, but overtaken you? Oh no, I don't think so! There isn't going to be a wooden paddle in this household if I can help it for a very long time. I don't have a granite bum like you lot who've got them and use them! LOL!



  12. Hi Ami, It seems like I am always waiting these days with kids and teens always around. He seems to have figured out a new plan since Saturday and hopefully it will work, we are both pots about to boil over by the time we wait for our house to be empty;)

  13. Oh Ami, what a story! First, I'm so glad that they think Starman is going to be okay.

    You had me in worried fits from his first grumblings about insubordinate wives. Then the waiting. Then the terrible spanking.

    No you do not want one of those every day, but they do have their place don't they. Here's hoping that you never have to wait that long again.

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