Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Spanking Game

Are you a forward-planner, or a last-minuter? Do you write lists containing lists, or do you commit the few important things to memory and just hope you will remember the rest? Are you a quick learner, or do you require constant reminders and reinforcement? If you are hands-up to the latter, then you are just like me.

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Dan and I have finally thrown off our colds and coughs, our sore throats and chills, and are slowly (it could, in my case, be said 'cautiously') sliding back into our dynamic. Spring is on its way and I am propelled into a fury of spring cleaning, gardening and challenging Dan at every opportunity. Did I tell you before that I am NOT submissive? Ha! There is nothing like springtime to bring out the "Go get him, gal!" in me.

I can almost hear the rapid intake of breath. Yet as I write this I keep grinning to myself. I am sitting typing on Dan's computer (because his has a 'proper' keyboard) and I am surrounded by clandestine crisp packets, small packets of Haribos, and half eaten Picnic bars. And this is the desk of someone who assures me that he is losing so much weight that his trousers require braces to hold them up! Good grief! 

It is so good to know that my man is not without his faults. It would be SUCH a dull life if he was perfect.

I, of course, am far from perfect. I have a wicked sense of humour, coupled with a penchant for saying whatever comes into my head, which is invariably at an inappropriate time or place. Tact is not my forte. But on the plus side, what you see is what you get. There is no side to me, and it takes a good long time for that final straw to break the camel's back.

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Mostly, this means that spanking for anything other than pleasure is a rare occurrence. It's not my smart mouth that causes Dan to narrow his eyes and growl "You'll be sorry later" under his breath, but when I spiral downwards into a sulky and argumentative mood. He simply hates it when I behave like a spoilt child. That is most definitely a no-go area, and luckily one which I try not to visit unless I am under a lot of stress.

With the sunshine and flowers of spring to look forward to, I am feeling energetic and full of bounce. 

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Having nestled spoon-fashion into Dan's warm front, it therefore came as quite a surprise to be rudely roused from my early morning snuggle-zone by the command "Go get an implement."

In fact, I was so snug and comfortable that I ignored the command completely. So it came again, only a bit louder. 

"What implement do you want?" I muttered. 

"The flappy paddle thing." (Interpretation: the leather rose-paddle)

I was pushed towards the side of the bed and had to swing my legs out or fall flat on my face. I did, at that moment, give a sotto voce growl.

"Come on. Hurry up. I don't know what you are messing around for."

By the time I had retrieved that blessed implement, Dan had rearranged the pillows and was sitting up, back against the headboard. I noticed at once that he intended business, as when we play he doesn't bother to cover himself. This time he had the duvet tucked firmly around his lower half, and a pillow placed for me to put my hands under. (ie no reaching back)

This is the person who just a few short years ago was so reluctant to even use his hand! Time certainly does change everything!

"You better close the window. We don't want to scare the early morning dog walkers."

"Good grief. Any more orders, your highness?"

Not a good comment when a paddle is being flexed in front of your eyes.

Usually I lie relatively flat across Dan's legs, but this time as I was manoeuvring into position I was requested to keep my knees more under me. In other words, to put my bottom more in the line of fire. Humph!

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Dan started out as he meant to go on. There was no nice, gentle warm-up, no stroking or caressing, no bearable hand spanking. He simply stretched my skin taut and went to work. 

"What about a warm-up?" I wailed.

"This is it" he replied. 

"What about the nursery rhymes?" I croaked.

"I just played "Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice. Weren't you paying attention? Here comes Baa Baa Black Sheep."

"Ow, ow ow!!!"

There was no way on this earth I could have concentrated enough to guess those nursery rhymes. It was as much as I could do to keep relatively still and not knock Dan's teeth out. In fact, as the spanking progressed, I wondered whether we would be paying a visit to the dentist later in the day.

Dan discovered a short time ago that a quick splat on my thigh is equal to half a dozen spanks on the bottom. He was taking advantage of it. But when he landed a spank on my right calf I nearly sailed straight off the bed and through the skylight. 

"You aren't allowed to do that!"

"Who says? This is in lieu of the past six months of spanking withdrawal. I am catching up."

"But I haven't done anything!"

"I am sure you are about to. Spring has gone to your head. You are racing around like a maniac. Calm down. You'll give yourself a heart attack."

All the while he is spanking and spanking. Every now and then he lands a really swishy one on one thigh or another.

"But there is so much to do!" I shriek.

"The garden will be there when you're not."

He finally stops and at last rubs my bottom. 

"Very hot and red. Just like two pancakes."

"What, all flat and wrinkled?!"

"No. All rosy and rounded."

I breathed a sigh of relief, which was cut off as he began again only harder this time.

I won't bore you, but this went on in the same fashion for some time. Even when I thought he had at last finished with a final painful flourish, he gave me another ten or so culminating in a crescendo where I tried to swim off the bed and gave up muffling my yells in the pillow.

"What a lot of noise over nothing." 

"It's not your bottom. How would you know?"

"I wasn't spanking hard."

"Let me be the judge of that."

"Hmmm. I think I've got this spanking game sussed now."

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I am standing in front of the mirror twisting my neck and assessing the damage. He was right. Two very scarlet circles. (They're not on this image - just imagine them!)

"Come back to bed and bring the cherry lube. We'll have some fun."

Now, could a girl in all honesty refuse such an invitation? 

I don't think so.


  1. Ami,
    Welcome back to our world of spanking and love making. Your post had me chuckling and enjoying myself....... reading.

    1. Considering I had a red bottom at least till lunchtime I am not so sure! But it was kinda good to return to normal.


  2. I chuckled all through your post. Sorry I wasn't laughing at your pain, just the patter between the two of you.

    1. Yeah, life's a box of chocolates these days! LOL! Flappy thing indeed!


  3. I haven't done anything - sounds like an excuse I've used.
    Good game :)

    1. The annoying thing was that this time I hadn't!


  4. It was way too difficult not to laugh, Ami! Couldn't be more pleased to know that Dan is fully mended and ready to take you in hand as well as back to his frisky self. Happy for you both.

    I, also, can get lost in a cleaning frenzy, and I love to make lists for everything. It never seems to be completely done, though. Enjoy the warmer days and any sunshine that comes your way.

    Hugs Across the Pond,

    1. Frisky is the word! But I hate and loathe lists, and never plan anything in advance. A last minute girl, that's me.


  5. Happy you two are feeling so much better, Ami. Sorry, darlin' but I had to laugh...Dan's got his spanking mojo back. Oh and he's right...slow down, woman...if spring cleaning takes a bit be it. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Much better, thank you, Cat. But spring cleaning is spring cleaning, and we seem to have so many cobwebs I could spin a jumper from them.


  6. I'm with the others, I was laughing to myself reading your post. Loved the banter between the two of you.


    1. "I may recommend a prolonged outing with the Rose paddle to your other half" she muttered darkly.

      Glad I brought a smile to your face.


  7. Sorry, Ami, I was laughing too. So glad you've recovered from the horrible ailments that have been rife this winter. Also glad Dan has his spanking mojo back.
    Rosie xx

    1. See. I could always get a career as a comedienne! LOL!


  8. Hi Ami, laughing here too. I just love the banter between you. So good to see you back here :)

    Glad you are both feeling better and getting back into the swing of things (pardon the pun :) Goodness, Dan certainly seems to have his spanking mojo back...ouch!


    1. Dan is the king of the "one-liners"! I just wish I could remember them all.

      Thanks, Roz.


  9. so wonderful to hear how you are doing and glad you are doing so well :-) Hugs

  10. Sorry Ami, I'm laughing along with all the others at the banter between you both. Love the nursery rhymes. LOL! Glad you are both feeling better.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  11. Hi Ami, I am laughing unsympathetically as My husband had used your wonderful gift and decided he like it :(
    I think Dan should think about joining in with the challenge....
    love Jan, xx

  12. Ami!!! :) Always so great to hear from you! Good thing that Dan had you close that window- perhaps you could have been heard all the way across the pond, the way he went to town on your bottom! OWWWW! LOL!

    Sorry about your bottom, but I smiled throughout this whole post! My very favourite lines are, "What a lot of noise over nothing." "It's not your bottom. How would you know?" You two are so cute! Happy to hear that you both are feeling much better! Such a fun post! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  13. My college roommate and I play spankings games, we enjoy it. We were visiting her mother, divorced, spring break, she would smile and say two little girls need a spanking and that was that. We decided to take that and run with it. A couple of days and nothing happened, we then decided to go skinny dippy in the pool. Her mother had enough and instead of taken us inside to spank us, she did it by the pool, a neighbor lady dropped in while I was being spanked and saw my best friend red bottom. She asked if we knew anything about her broken roses, we said nothing, thought so. The two women talked while we stood, hands on head. When the lady got up to leave, she looked at us, said to my girlfriends mother, may I, please do. Young ladies get to your bedroom and quickly and we did as told. The lady followed, closed the door and pulled a chair out. We pleaded, she took out a large hairbrush and we sure danced around the room, not allowed to rub and soon was in the front room facing the wall. I found I enjoyed it and my friend also, that night in bed we knew we were met for another. She rubbed, licked my sore bottom and I did the same and we both stood in the shower the next morning easing the pain in our spanked bottoms. Becky

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