Friday 24 February 2017

Ella's Late Winter Night's Meme

Ella wrote this meme way back last summer and I saved it thinking I would soon copy it and fill in some answers. It was never done, and so now, being totally at a loss for something to write, I have decided it will be fun to do. It's a really good meme. Thank you, Ella.

1  Name a place where you have always wanted to make love with your partner.

Under a palm tree on a hot sandy beach somewhere. We did this once in our far off and vibrant youth, but it was on a cold British beach at the top of a sand dune, and we found ourselves in a muddle at the bottom by the time we finished. Unfortunately, all the hot sandy beaches with palm trees we have visited, have been too public. There always seems to be at least one person lurking somewhere!

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2  What is your least favourite implement for a discipline spanking?

We don't do punishment. But if I really get up Dan's nose I run the risk of a fierce 'reminder' spanking. These are far and few between, and resemble the spanking scene from Outlander! However, they certainly have the desired effect of a return to peaceful equilibrium. The implement I hate the most is the thin wooden paddle with holes in it, and which, coincidentally, Dan loves the best!
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3  Name or describe a piece of lingerie in which your husband loves to see you.

I have this 'thing' about nice knickers. Even my everyday stuff has to be trimmed with lace, and many of my bras have 'pretty' straps in case they are seen. Therefore I fear I may have rendered Dan rather impervious over the years. He does, however, have a penchant for my lace-topped hold-ups worn with silk and lace. But I have a tendency to wobble in high heels these days.

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4  Do you favour silver jewellery or gold? Besides a wedding ring, do you have a signature piece that you wear often or even every day?

I favour the silver and have quite a bit of silver jewellery including a beautiful pandora with charms that all have a meaning for me. Dan bought me the bracelet unexpectedly on a holiday, and the charms have been added over the years. My wedding ring is white gold, as are both of my engagement rings. Therein lies a story which would take till this time next week to tell! I used to wear a set of silver slave bangles that I unfortunately left on a plane and which were never returned, and I also wore several of my mother's rings which are now so worn that they are sadly irreparable. So now I just mostly wear my wedding ring and a pair of pearl earrings.

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5  What was the worst job you ever had?

I worked for a year at a high school as a favour to the headteacher who was a former colleague of mine and who wanted me to tighten up on marking procedures for the two top years as the students were all under achieving. Naturally, this caused friction with the HOD who took a dim view of it all. However, his marking was shallow and his feedback to students very poor. I did as asked, and tightened up considerably, but it wasn't an easy ride as I was viewed as a 'baddy' by the rest of the staff in the department. I was heartily glad when the year was finished and I was able to move on. My only consolation was that the marks, did indeed, go up on average a couple of grades.

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6  Is there something your husband does (or doesn't do) around the house that drives you crazy?

Two things. He nearly always forgets to put the toilet seat down after use, and he is never anywhere to be found when it comes to washing up the dishes. There are probably other things, but nothing I can't live with. I know I have just as many faults as he does.

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7  What is the hardest thing you ever had to learn? Could be school, career, life, or even ttwd.

I don't have a logical brain, and maths and the sciences were a complete disaster for me at school. I never passed any of them. In fact, it makes me wonder how on earth I managed to get a masters degree in art and psychology, and cope with life in general all these years! 

The other hard thing was the day I realised that people can be so unkind and prejudiced against other people. It happens for a whole variety of reasons, and it is so sad. The only way we can get rid of this once and for all is to learn about our fellow man. We need to understand what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes. It isn't easy, but is probably the only way.

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8  Besides a spanking, tell us something that always brings a tear to your eye. Could be a movie, a song, a memory, or something else.

Believe me when I say I cry at the drop of a hat - over anything. Movies, songs, weddings...the list is endless. I took to wearing waterproof mascara years ago.

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9  What was your favourite grade (year) in school (K through 13) and why?

I think they hung the flags out the day I left school, and I have never been back. I would say that Year 12 was probably the best as I was in the lower sixth and between exams, plus it was when I met Dan (at a school dance).

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10  As a child, did you have a favourite stuffed animal or doll that you took to bed?

I had a small teddy bear called Ted, but I never really wanted stuffed toys around me. I was too much of a tomboy to be bothered.
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11  What was a make-believe game you loved to play when you were a kid?

I could never go anywhere without 'galloping'. I had a whole stable of imaginary horses, and I galloped everywhere. I especially remember walking home from school and jumping over the water runnels at the sides of the road. I was totally horse-crazy!

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12  Look in your closet wardrobe. Is there a lot of one particular colour? Are you drawn to that colour when you shop?

I love the colour 'blue'. It has always been my favourite although I like shades of green, lilac etc as well. I am a 'summer' person, and many dark colours simply pull the light out of my face, so I never wear them, or at least, not near my face.

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13  What is your favourite alcoholic beverage? What is your favourite soft beverage? 

I adore a good gin and tonic. My current favourite gin is Adnams Copper House. I drink it made with Fevertree tonic, ice, and a slice of lime. My favourite soft beverage is coffee. I mostly drink Taylor's Rich Italian blend, although I always start the day with a Tassimo Latte.

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14  If you could have your dream job for a day, what would it be?

I am now retired, and am enjoying it too much to want to wish myself back into the workplace. I am busy doing all the things I once promised myself!

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15  Describe your wedding gown. If you were going to get married again, what would you pick today?

My wedding dress was cream lace, floaty and ethereal, and very victoriana in style with high neck, long sleeves etc. I also wore a full veil and carried yellow orchids and roses. I would love to do it all again, but Dan won't. He says once was enough! LOL!

If I had my time over again, I would wear a white dress with fitted bodice and a small train. Also, no veil! It nearly drove me mad as it got in the way so much!

And yes, I promised to obey, because the priest refused to marry us otherwise! This is now something that Dan always reminds me about!

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16  Tell us about your first car! How old were you? Did you give it a name? Do you remember how much it cost?

Being somewhat of a petrol-head, I have been very fortunate to have had some wonderful cars in my life, but my first car, whilst full of character, was not one of them.

It was an Austin A35. A baked bean. It had little yellow arms that went out when you were turning left or right, and a strange, long and disobedient gear stick. I called her Matilda, and she lasted me through college; then I had a Triumph Herald, which was followed by a Mini Cooper S.

Matilda cost the princely sum of £30, and I made a profit and sold her for £35 two years later. 

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I enjoyed doing this meme. Hope you all enjoy reading it.


  1. So glad that someone remembered this meme. It was one of my favorites! So glad to hear from our Ami again, as well. Dan may not be much help with the dishes, but I can personally attest to his bartending skills. I believe he made me 2 gin and tonics one night on our visit Across the Pond. They were yummy.

    I had such a big smile on my face as I read about your pretend "horse stable." I do remember galloping around the playground.

    Sending Hugs and Love Across the Pond,

  2. Ami hello,

    Really enjoyed reading your answers. Must try a Adnams Copper House gin.


  3. Thanks for digging this out, loved reading your answers. hugs abby

  4. Thank you for sharing, Ami! So happy to hear from you and learn more about you and Dan. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  5. This was a fun meme, thanks for bringing it out again, Ami. Gin is my second favourite, after Champagne, but I haven't got round to trying out the new ones yet, still on the Bombay Sapphire. Love the teddy, I still have mine.
    Rosie xx

  6. Hi,
    New to visit here, but loved your meme. I love reading about others in blogland!

  7. Hi Ami, nice meme, nice teddy!
    love Jan, xx

  8. Hi Ami, Nice to hear from you and loved your meme. Your teddy looks similar to mine, very cute.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  9. Ami,
    I have so missed you here in our little corner of the internet. Loved every single answer.

  10. Hi Ms. Ami! Number 11..... omg... I used to pretend to Gallup horses sound effects and all. However to be perfectly honest, I'm terrified to ride a horse. Horses KNOW when you are scared. A horse tried to bite me once!
    I need to get on the ball and do Ella's Mem--my friend!

  11. so wonderful to read your answers :-) I, too, have this meme saved to complete someday... Hugs

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