Thursday, 21 July 2016

Sexy Spankings? Oh Yes!

Spanking word cloud concept - csp33924869

It feels good to be back. Hopefully for a little longer this time. LOL! And a huge thank you to Minelle for explaining to everyone that I would be absent for a while, and to all my other blogland friends who have kept me positive these past couple of months. Dan still has ongoing health issues, and had a cardiogram today - still trying to find out what exactly the cyst is that has appeared in his chest very near to his heart. This was detected during procedures for entirely other stuff, and we were, for a time, scared witless. However, the Consultant feels 99% sure it is non-malignant, so we are keeping our fingers, and everything else, crossed.

For this reason, I need to write a lighthearted post, and it occurs to me that I have often been asked to talk about our "sexy spankings" and explain, or try to, how these seem to have completely taken over our lives.

I would also like to thank Ella, who has made the pictures possible! We still have computer problems, but I think at long last my moaning is beginning to make an impression!


I'm not sure where to begin exactly, but I will say that we both have a much more laid back approach to spanking these days, than when we started out. We are less frenetic, less uptight. It's a part of our lives. It feels as natural as eating, drinking or sleeping. It's an integral part of us.

What we hadn't realised at the start, was how important it would become to the both of us. If you had told us about it ten years' ago, we would have laughed like drains and said "How crazy." I don't think we, and Dan especially, had any idea how it would affect us - our marriage, our relationship, the depth of our feelings, and how we would respond to each other.

In a way, we reinvented our relationship. Our marriage was mostly good, apart from some distancing from time to time, but TTWD has caused us to rewrite the rules. In an easy way. With no holds barred.

To put a finer point on it, we feel more sexy now, at our ages, than at any time in our lives perhaps excepting the very early years of our marriage, and even then, we were like babes, we had no experience, and no idea how to acquire it.

When I read 50 Shades (don't cringe!!) I discovered a me that I hadn't known existed. I can categorically state, that if it wasn't for that book, I would never had dared to venture to do, and suggest stuff to Dan, that we now take for granted, and I would certainly never have thought of typing the word "Spanking" into Google!!

I am not going to discuss how we started out, as it is all here amongst my old posts, the good, the bad and the ugly! (Apart from some posts I had to take down due to horrible "trolls" who wouldn't leave me alone!)

We tend to have our spanking sessions more in the mornings. Alas, we are no longer spring chickens, and even Dan admits that it is the mornings when he feels more perky. LOL! Now we are both retired, we can take our time. And believe me, we do. The times his 88 year old mother has rung up at 10am and we are happily in the middle of something. Good grief! It is so pleasurable not having to get up at 5.30 in the morning!

I love to have my body stroked. I will literally purr. It is the best thing ever. 

Sometimes he will pull me over his lap and run a finger up and down my spine. I go into ecstasy like a cat. I can get sexily feisty, or writhe happily ensuring he has easy access to my bottom. (The writhing also does great things for him. This wonderful dynamic!) Sometimes he will use one implement, sometimes several, sometimes just his hand. (Believe me, that can feel like a chunk of wood!)


It matters not. Sometimes he will give me a good warm up, and sometimes he will go straight into some high powered swats. Gone is the Dan who was nervous of bruising, although I have to say that he is very careful of my spine, and now he has discovered the art of spanking the tops of thighs, he tends to go lower rather than higher. 

He likes to make it sting! He likes to spank the same spot over and over. He likes to stretch the skin with one hand, and spank, using an implement, on the taut surface of my bottom or thighs. 

It starts out feeling like love pats. It ends burning like I've been stung by a swarm of hornets. 

Sometimes he pauses and rubs, sometimes it feels like a metronome. Swat, swat, swat, swat.

He has learned to hold me in place. I will often try to "swim" forward, but now if I manage it, I get hauled back. Occasionally he will grab my hair, but that is more often during sex.

He will play games, like "Guess the Tune". He will tease me and joke. Sometimes he will spank during sex itself, and that can be amazing.

If I go too long without a spanking, I can feel myself slide downhill. All the joy goes. I feel sluggish and uncooperative. I get sassy and argumentative. I become indifferent and start to distance.

Dan knows, just by my physical responses to his touch, when I am beginning to slide. I am instructed to tell him, if he hasn't already realised it for himself, and to ask to be spanked. (Sometimes these spankings are not so nice.)

Spanking, for me at least, has become like a drug. Fortunately it cannot harm any one else, and it is free to participate in - but I get a high from it nevertheless. Neither of us foresaw how much closer it would bring us, nor how much we would come to love it.

Sex after a spanking can be as different as the spanking itself. It can be slow and tender, each wishing to give to the other. Or it can be like a lion with his lioness. Neither wanting to give an inch. There is nothing a woman likes better than a strong man who is determined to have his way. LOL!

After a good, sexy spanking session, I am like the cat who has had the cream!

It's so strange, we always feel like a full English breakfast! Snort! (I even enjoy sitting on our wooden kitchen chairs!)

I smile for the rest of the day!