Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

We had a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration with old friends last night, and we have yet to recover.  Starman is slumbering peacefully on the sofa and listening to the football at the same time!  I am trying to catch up with good wishes for everyone.

I started my first day of the New Year with a spanking!  Okay, so it was after bringing Starman his usual cup of Yorkshire tea to bed, and commiserating with him about his 'slight' hangover.  And it was definitely of the fun variety!  But why, oh why did I ever introduce him to that horrid little stupid wooden kitchen utensil?!!  It's all he ever thinks of!!  

I thought, rather romantically, that he was going to use his hand.  And then he suddenly changed his mind and said "Go fetch something from the drawer."  I looked longingly at my lovely pink leather paddle.  But being the good TIH that I am trying to become, I said "Maybe you better decide.  I don't think I'm meant to am I?  The HOH usually stipulates with what, how hard and for how long."  Am I crazy or what?!!

"Okay."  He thought for a bit.  Without anything to cover my dignity I was getting chilly.  "Bring me the wooden spoon thing."  My heart sank.  But I resolved to do as I was told.  Ugh!  Fool that I am!  

So I went back over his knee and he started right in there snapping it smartly down on my poor pale cheeks.  And yes, I did say "Ow!" more or less immediately!  

But it gets worse.  Much worse.

Before Christmas I bought some Pina Colada flavoured lube.  It's one of my tasks, and he always ensures I remember to get several flavours.  It's hilarious to use and heaven knows why we were too inhibited to use such a product when we were much younger!  Anyhow, I digress.

He liberally smeared the stuff over my butt cheeks!  Yes, you lot, you know exactly what I am going to say next!  I had no idea at all just how much more stingy it can be to be spanked with a wooden paddle on a wet bottom!!!   It's a killer!  And lube isn't like water; it doesn't dry up quickly.  It stays!  

My lovely fun spanking turned into an assault course!  Starman just kept playing - a few sharp spanks, then a bit of rubbing which often entailed just a little more lube, then some real crackers, then another rub, then one swat here, and one swat there.  

I positively glowed!  And in a "I'm not going to be able to keep still one more minute", wriggly sort of a way!

Luckily he eventually let me up.  The sting slowly retreated and we resumed our play without the dratted paddle.  And strangely, the cherry redness disappeared by the time we had had our breakfast; and no bruising at all.  Starman is definitely getting used to the process of spanking!  

I did, however, actually respectfully suggest we might keep the butter paddle for maintenance or more serious transgressions.  He just chuckled!


And now to kick off 2013....    (Roll of drums!!!)

I would love to know what you all look like out there!  I know this isn't always possible - we all have to be careful.    The one lady I do know is simply beautiful!  I am very envious of her hair for a start...  

But what I am asking you to do is this.

If you had to compare yourself to a well-known film star, person on TV, or any other personality, who would you most resemble?  

Forget the age or shape.  Don't even go there!  But who do you most look like?!!

I'll start you all off - 

I have shortish blonde hair and sea-green eyes.  And dimples.  My hair used to be long until I redesigned myself two years ago.  I am tall (ish) and not quite as slim as I would like to be, but average for my age.  I'm told that I most resemble another lady of the same age as I am. Meryl Streep.  (I personally think she is wonderful and gorgeous and I so wish.....)

My Starman is wonderful for his age.  Still handsome and dark-eyed; and in my opinion has very few lines although his hair is now mostly grey.  If I had to pick someone to compare him to I'd say he looks very similar to Pierce Brosnan.  Truly.  (Oh I know, I am very, very, very lucky!!)  

So who are you like?!!  I've longing to know so I can imagine who I'm talking to next time I comment on your blogs.  

Your friend, Ami

PS  (So HOHs, remember honesty....?)

Hugs and Blessings!


  1. hi, congrats on your recently started blog! IT's going to be a wonderful journey!!

    Happy New year to you too, and thanks for visiting my place!

    1. Hi Fondles and thanks for dropping by. Now then You! I want to know what you look like. Right now I'm imagining a glamorous sultry woman with dark hair and eyes, or a blonde Marilyn Monroe lookalike, or a petite green-eyed Elf... Shall I go on? Hugs, Ami

  2. I have shared this before, but my dad always told me I looked like Caudette Colbert. She is much thinner and prettier! I vacillate weight wise so that is a momentary change. Lol. I am about 5 ft 3 inches tall. And Lillie and I like to joke back and forth about being well endowed.
    I guess personality wise I am like how I am on my blog. Kooky.

    That 'fun' time sounds ouchie!
    Happy New Year!!

    1. Oh Minelle, you sound gorgeous! Men always feel so protective of more petite women. Why oh why am I 5 ft 7 ins?!!!

      I love kooky people. Life's too short to be staid!

      Hugs, Ami

  3. Happy New Years - I love wondering what everyone looks like as well! It's so funny to imagine!

    I really have never been told that I look like ANYONE honestly... I had a picture of myself somewhere on a post once. I don't know, maybe someone else thinks I look like someone famous/ on TV?
    I'm a shorty, about 5 feet tall. Brown hair, brown eyes.. kinds just plain all around -sometimes people think "H" and I look like babies, although we are now 38.

    I do however have a daughter who is 16, been told 1 million times she is a dead ringer for Miley Cyrus (when she had brown hair) and even dressed as her one year for Halloween...
    My "H" has been told that He reminds people of Adam Sandler (when he's shaved) - LOL - he certainly is goofy enough!

    Oh and spanked on a wet behind? NO thanks - it does smart doesn't it and I can't imagine the lube.. OUCH! I've only had it after a shower.

    1. 5 ft Emi?!!! Oh!!! I'm getting more and more jealous. And married to an Adam Sandler lookalike! I'll bet you are the one who's all Elfin! My daughter is 5 ft 2 ins and her husband is 6 ft 3 ins. She just slots in under his armpit. It must be so nice to look up to your man! My Starman is only an inch taller than me. So you can imagine when I wear really high heels! He says "The best things come in small packages". Hmmm... It depends on your point of view! Hugs, Ami

    2. She's not plain ! She's adorable....

    3. She certainly sounds adorable!

  4. Hi Ami,
    I'm not really sure what celebrity I might look like. But many who know me from the DD community already know what I look like and I have a couple pics of myself on varies profiles connected to ADDS discussion groups. Generally speaking, I'm health conscious about food and exercise and I'm 6' tall and vary between 195-200 lbs. Not sure if that helps lol
    I can imagine Pierce Brosnan & Meryl Streep together as a handsome couple!
    Happy New Year to both you and Starman!

    1. Well I haven't seen you anywhere Mr BB, but you sound great. And I've tried numerous times to join these 'Circles' things, but my computer says "No!" I don't think it's up to it! It causes it to virtually crash every time. Apologies to others such as Minelle, whose circles I couldn't join either. Oh well...

      Hugs, Ami

  5. Hey Ami - I don't look like any celebrity - really wish I did. :) I'm 5ft 3 3/4in tall with blue eyes and light brown hair but in different light, some say it has shades of red and blonde in it. See - no celebrity looks here. bleh

    Ya know spanking and wet bottom are definitely not a good combination. Can we say ouch?!?

    Wishing you and Starman a wonderful, loving good spanking only, 2013.


    1. Hey Cat, I'm sure you must resemble someone. I assure you that I cannot for the life of me see any Meryl Streep in me, but it's other people who've told me. Your hair sounds absolutely wonderful! And another petite person! Oh dear, are there going to be any taller girls amongst us? Hugs, Ami

  6. I've been told I look like Julia Roberts....I think they were either blind, drunk, just plain goofy. I'm 5'10" have very red hair, Irish looks, and more pounds than I would like - schnoots to pounds!

    Yes, wtt-bottom is one thing, but the lube has the sticky quality that makes it REALLY sting, it does something to the momentum and it pulls the sting in deeper...brave girl!

    (((hugs))) and Happy New Year!

    1. Hurray, hurray, hurray! I've found someone taller than me! I'm so excited! The only snag is that you sound absolutely gorgeous - red hair, Irish looks and resembling Julia Roberts! I can hear all the men breathing rapidly and trying to avoid looking at their other halves! Pretty Woman is a classic! And I watch Love Actually every single Christmas, despite Starman asking me why I want to watch that "boring old thing again"!!! Hugs, Ami

  7. Hmmmm....well I've been told in the past that I look like a younger Susan Sarandon. If you pull up the 'right' picture of the two of us I suppose we could be related---again with the right picture- The large orbs are about right :)...I like most people it seems here am short as well...5 foot almost 2 inches...just over 100 lbs..so I'm small..NO boobs to speak of! lol

    I have long curly hair. Unfortunately I just had 3 inches taken off so now it looks like 6...sigh. It is light auburn, but that is more a result of a box now---there seems to be more snow on the mountain top, than I would like, and I'm NOT going down without a fight!

    Barney? He's only 5 foot 7. Someone once said he looks like Chris Nash the basketball player, ( obviously cut off at the knees)but he is much more handsome...the most amazing ocean blue eyes...Grass doesn't grow on a busy street so his forehead seems to be getting higher as the days go on.

    Happy New Year to you both! I promise I haven't forgot about taking more pictures. It is flippin cold here today...-24 C with the windchill. Your pictures might have to wait :)

    Much Love

    1. Sweetie, your picture was so lovely, and I envy you your beautiful hair very much indeed! Believe me, I wouldn't even mind looking like an older Susan Sarandon. In fact, she's probably younger than me.

      I've always been blonde, so I decided that when the grey hairs started to make their appearance "Why change the habit of a life time?!" The hair had to be cut though because some of my heart tablets caused it to get very thin, and it just didn't look right long any more as it didn't have enough weight to it.

      Barney and Starman would definitely see "eye to eye". Actually I think Starman is five foot seven and a half. So I tend to round that half upwards to make him feel better.

      The rain continues to come down here, although today was nice. But -24 I don't know how you cope! Isn't it hard to breathe in cold air like that? I can imagine Starman watching the dial going round on the electricity meter! LOL

      And you are another Elf! Oh well, at least there's June and me!

      Hugs, Ami

    2. Hahaa...Ami it's not THAT cold out. My youngest is out tobogganing as we speak! ( I'M just not going out there!).

      I didn't say I looked like Susan Sarandon, just that we might pass as related. She's far too sexy. I'm more Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island! lol. Thank you for the hair compliment btw...I should send you a pic of my son's hair...hoooooooo nelly that's a head of hair!

    3. Rubbish Willie, your hair is superb! And as for your son's hair, well he could model for a hairdresser if he wanted!

  8. Hi Amy....
    You sound very pretty, my dear.
    I am 5'6" with darkish auburn hair (whatever the stylist whips up for me - I am wearing it kinda short these days), and green eyes.
    Ian is 6'3" or 4" he keeps claiming he is getting shorter and has hazel eyes. He is lean and muscular, and I am curvy with giant boobs and junk in the trunk. LOL

    Happy New Year,

    1. Oh goody, goody, goody - Lillie you are my height more or less. But Ian is soooo tall! Do you get a crick in your neck? LOL And lean and muscular!!!!! I hope you don't mind if an old girl froths at the mouth a little?!!! Starman and I have both decided we need just a tad more exercise this year... I will be back to swimming my 25 lengths and working on the cycle machine for several miles each day. The metabolism has got to improve! I hope you both had a great holiday by the way. Where did you go? If you told us, then I forgot. How were the swimsuits? I needed to borrow your swim dress while you were away...

      Many hugs, Ami

    2. Hi Ami
      I started accelerated yoga today.....I really need to shape up some. You know you are out of shape when 50 minutes of yoga isn't easy... :(
      I loved my swimsuits, thanks for asking, Ami. I wore the tankini and skirt snorkelling and at the pool a little, but the swim dress is really versatile. It dries very quickly and goes everywhere. I popped my signature levi faded denim jacket over it, put on nice sandals and it went out for dinner and watching the sunset.
      I highly recommend them.
      hugs, sweetie

    3. oh sorry, Jamaica mon. :)

    4. Lucky, lucky you! I think that swim dress could go anywhere! I could have done with it because I couldn't go swimming due to some 'bruising'. Talk about a rainbow. I think that was one of the things that put Starman off a bit. It's all gone now, and I haven't bruised since. He just put rather too much effort into it that time.

      But I have several swimsuits with high-ish necklines. If we go on a cruise, or to an Islamic country, I cover up more. I only wear bikinis these days when we are alone.

      Hugs, Ami

  9. Hi Ami, oh that sounds ouchy and yes, much worse on a wet butt, I can imagine lube is even worse!

    Happy New Year to you and Starman and congrats on starting the blog.

    As for me, I am VERY petite being under 5ft (yes Willie, you do tower over me :) I have sandy blonde hair just past shoulder length (hubby doesn't like it any shorter) and blue/green eyes. Gee, I feel like I'm in a beauty pagent Lol


    1. Very ouchy and I'm not ever going to forget it! The lube will be kept for what it is intended for in future!

      You are determined to make June and I into Amazons. (Oh dear, didn't they only have one boob?!) Well, you know what I mean. Another Elf! I love long hair too, but mine had to be cut due to my wretched medication making it so thin.

      I seem to have gathered the most wonderful line up of faces I can now imagine as I write my blogs and read yours.

      All of you - thank you very much, it means a lot!

      Hugs, Ami

    2. Roz, if you were in a beauty pageant, you forgot to mention how your wish for the world is 'peace on earth'!

    3. O_o only ONE boob? Thank you no! The two I have are small enough (covers them protectively).

    4. Yeah June, they only had one boob because they cut the other off in order to shoot the arrows from their bows with more precision. My boobs have a tendency to get under my armpits anyway. I have to herd them up like cattle!