Saturday, 9 May 2015

Saturday Snippets (14)

First of all, Cat mentioned that our dear friend, Queenie wasn't feeling very perky. I wanted badly to cheer her up, but wasn't up to the technology of inserting pictures in my comments (if it is, in fact, possible) so Queenie, I am using my own blog to send you prayers, blessings and lots of Fairy Dust!! A whole big bottle!

This is a very good thing to keep in the cupboard for when you are not feeling as good as you would like to.

All you need to do is sprinkle and wait, and the fairies will appear to cheer you up. 

The Fairy Queen is a personal friend of mine.

She says that whenever you are feeling low, to go get that dust and sprinkle it around.

All your friends are here for you, Queenie. We all offer you our love and support.

Now on to some questions I have for you, dear blogging friends. I have been reading a book recently by an American writer who seems to come from one of the Southern States. I love her writing and enjoyed the book enormously - but I didn't understand some of the things she mentioned. Perhaps you can help me out. I am only a simple Limey after all.

What are slides? I think they are a type of shoe, but the only slides I am familiar with, to in your hair in order to hold it up, or out of your eyes.

She mentions having biscuits and gravy with her scrambled eggs, for breakfast. I have been told what biscuits are, (they are what we call Scones), but surely you don't have gravy for breakfast?! Do you? It makes me shudder to think of bacon, eggs, grits, biscuits and gravy!

I read another book called The Good Girl (very thrilling!) where the action took place in and around Chicago.

What is the "L"? Is it a means of public transport? I have never heard of it before.

I have to report that at long last I have watched the very first episode of Outlander. Twice! Dan watched it with me the first time, and our son watched it with me the second time. 

The first time I found myself commenting on the sex scenes to Dan and in particular the scene on the old table in Castle Leoch. 

"I shall never be able to take a bath again without remembering her comment to him" I informed Dan. "How exciting using the kitchen table."

"The table was filthy" he replied, "And anyway, you wouldn't fancy using your kitchen table if you knew that had taken place on it, would you?"

Men! No imagination at all!

Watching the same scenes with our grown up son was just plain cringeworthy. I don't know who cringed the most. He hates anything like that when he is watching something with his mother! I sometimes break out into giggles as I am certain he thinks he was conceived by an immaculate conception.

Hopefully Dan and I will get time together to watch another episode this evening. I would sit and watch them back to back, but unfortunately there is a household to run.

We've both been floored by colds from hell recently. It's not often we are both ill together and it doesn't make for a harmonious household. Not in the slightest. There is something about the common cold that is completely debilitating. Sore throats, runny noses and eyes, hot sweats and sleepless nights. Boxes of Kleenex in every room. Good grief! 

I blame it on the British weather. First it's hot, then it's cold, then the wind comes straight off the Russian Steppes. You just don't know where you are. No wonder living in this country has turned me into a siege packer so that whenever I pack a suitcase I plan for every possible weather condition even if I am going somewhere where it has never been known to rain in the past fifty years.

We are going away in a week's time to stay for a while with my family in Poland. Dan and I are going to do some walking (hiking?) in the mountains where my grandparents used to live. It is very beautiful and we are looking forward to the break and catching up with all the news as we haven't visited for four years. I expect I shall pack all the wrong clothes, whine at Dan, and end up getting lifted eyebrows all the time.

Talking of lifted eyebrows. Have you ever been absolutely fine when you woke up in the morning, and then suddenly, as if by magic, a black cloud descends on you and all you want to do is growl and tear some eyes out? Any eyes will do.

I had a morning like that on Thursday. I had more lifted eyebrows for the remainder of that day, and all day on the Friday, than I care to think about. And more warning bottom swats as well. I have to relate that all I did was snarl, snap and be icily polite. 

Instead of dealing with the situation, Dan has simply stayed out of harm's way. Which is not a good thing. He has been busy with his fundraising activities and preparing for some work when he will be away from home for a couple of days. 

This is the classic situation where I start to distance myself and Dan tries to carry on as normal without realising that there are issues that need to be discussed and addressed. 

Anyone else with a husband who is similar, has my sympathy. I know only too well how you feel. For two pins I would throw in the towel.

I feel put out and aggrieved that Dan is not concerned enough to leap into action. I even wore a nightie and panties in bed last night, and he didn't say a word. I am not a happy bunny. I thought we had progressed past all this. If he is not careful Bitch Troll will surface, and then he will have a fight on his hands.

Hang around. There could be another post coming your way. LOL! 

BTW, I intend to try my best to catch up on my blog reading as soon as I can. Keeping our house clean and tidy for "viewings" is taking up so much of my time. Now the British General Election is out of the way it seems that people are once more getting serious about moving. I have also been attempting to add more bloggers to my "Blogs followed", but some, like Abby's blog, just do not want to cooperate. Bear with me and I will keep trying. I really do enjoy reading everyone's blogs even if I don't always have time to comment.  


  1. Hope you get some answers to your questions. I think the L is an overhead rail service in Chicago.
    Colds.... P has this really snotty one and the temperature changes here from one day to the next, bouncing all over the place. Took the kids to Southport and it was Arctic and wet! P and I have retreated back into winter hibernation mode. To say I'm snappy about everyone is an understatement.
    How did you get hold of Outlander? I know Amazon Prime has it on their service, but we don't subscribe.

  2. Hi DF!

    Oh. I wondered if it was an underground railway. Overhead, eh?

    I think it is the same cold virus. I am sick of the abrupt changes in temperature. So many people have this particular type of cold virus and it affects everyone a little differently ie throat or ears or eyes. Hateful. I hope your P gets better soon - ill men are a menace to society! Do not mention hibernation mode to me - I took off our winter duvet and replaced it with a 4.5 tog - and now regret it!!!

    This sounds ridiculous I know, but we hired a 37 inch SMART TV from Hughes Electrical, and you then get Amazon Prime on free trial for 30 days. Then it is optional whether you join or not. I think it costs around £79 per year, but you get all sorts of benefits like discounts on anything you buy from Amazon and also on books you download to your Kindle etc. We only wanted it in our little 'snug' just off the kitchen and our main TV although a big one is not a SMART one, and it is just too expensive to throw out a good TV set on a whim.


  3. The L is a rail service but don't know if underground or overhead.

    Everyone seems to have a cold. Touch wood we haven't come down with one yet. Jumpers and heating on here. I want sunny warm days. I am not a happy bunny. Hope you are both feeling better soon.

    Mmm son has Amazon Prime. Think I'll see can I watch Outlander at his.

    Hope you have a wonderful visit with family.


    1. Hi Ronnie, I don't know why my comment in reply to DF duplicated itself under your comment, but never mind, I have deleted it.

      Okay, the L is a rail service that runs overhead. I wonder if it is a suspended rail service? LOL!

      I think there are lots of us unhappy bunnies running around over here in the UK due to the weather. That makes three of us at least.

      I soooo want the warm sunny days without that blast from Siberia.

      Yes, you can definitely watch Outlander on Amazon Prime. It streams well even when you only get about half a gig like us. I am sick and tired of pixels that can't manage to keep together!

      Thanks, Ronnie


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  5. Oh Ami! I'm so touched you did this for me! Thank you so very much for your kindess and supportive comments! I can't tell you what this means to me, you have truly touched my heart! I'll put that fairy dust to good use starting right now. Your friend, the Fairy Queen is quite beautiful isn't she?!

    Oh, biscuits and gravy are delicious! I used to eat them fairly often for breakfast. Haven't in years though, it's not exactly healthy,lol! The gravy was made with the bacon drippings left in the pan after frying. You then add some seasoned flour, stir it around until it's kind of thick and then add milk and stir until it becomes a creamy white gravy. Some add crumbled sausage to it. It really is very good!

    I hope you and Dan have a wonderful time on your trip. It sounds beautiful!

    Thank you again Ami, and Cat for sending me the link to this post!


    1. Queenie, if you were living near me I would pop by to make you smile more often. It is the best medicine and helps all other types of medicine being used. Just keep thinking about the Fairy Dust when you get upset and miserable. Very important. The Fairies carry our thoughts and your friends are all sending their happy thoughts to you. Just let us know anytime you need more Dust.

      So you are saying the 'gravy' is pale and creamy? I am determined to try in one weekend when I am not too rushed. I intend to follow your instructions. It sounds a bit like a white sauce, but bacon flavoured. So interesting. Not too sure about the crumbled sausage though. We like to eat great big fat "bangers". As in Bangers and Mash. Or creamed potato as you call it. And lots of onion gravy. Yum!

      We aren't going till the 18th. So a week yet to try to pack some sensible clothing and footwear. Sigh. And I hate Ryannair and its miserable luggage allowance with a vengeance!

      Many hugs

  6. The L is definitely a railway - overhead.
    Slides, are shoes you slide in - backless and toeless sometimes too.
    Gravy - made with sausage drippings, milk , thickened and served with biscuits.

    I have one of those husbands, actually many degrees different than Dan. Dan at least eventually gets the message. Mine, on the other hand, continues in oblivian.

    Have a great trip to Poland.

    1. I have such 'visions' of an overhead railway hanging from pylons. I just cannot think what it must look like.

      Thank you for telling me about the shoes. They are what we call "mules". They can have toes, or not, but they have no backs and you just slip your feet into them. I was wearing "mules" when I fell down the stairs a year ago! Dan has never forgotten! Neither have I. I still have a dark mark on my right hip as a reminder!

      Golly - so you know biscuits and gravy too! I shall definitely try to make some.

      I wouldn't hold your breath about Dan getting the message. I just shake my head in despair at times. I think he lives in his own little bubble.

      Thank you, we go on the 18th. I hope the weather improves and gets warmer by then or the mountains will be very cold.


  7. Okay Ami...fist things first...don't knock biscuits and gravy for breakfast (or anytime) until you've had them. The gravy for biscuits and gravy is usually made from the drippings from sausage or bacon grease. Very yummy.

    A slide is a structure with a sloping surface that children slide down for fun...they used to be made out of metal when I was young but are now made out of plastic. You can also find them at swimming pools to slide down into the water.

    The 'L' in Chicago is short for 'elevated train'...public transportation that runs around the city.

    So sorry you and Dan have been ill...hope you're feeling better.

    Okay know what you need to do...go fetch one of your implements, lay yourself over Dan's lap and tell him you are both falling down on the job. Get to it or I just might have to find a way to speak with Dan. ;)

    Oh and Amazon Prime, at least here in the states, also has the added benefit of free 2 day shipping on any item you order that is marked 'Amazon Prime'. Quite a lovely benefit and well worth it if you order much from Amazon.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Oh no, I am not knocking the biscuits and gravy. Quite the opposite - I will try them the next weekend I don't have to rush around like a mad thing first thing in the morning. But I am finding it hard to imagine gravy for breakfast. Perhaps in the southern US it would come more naturally to me. LOL!

      Silly Cat! I know what a child's slide is! LOL LOL LOL This book I read discussed slides the lady bought in a clothing store, and as she wore them I thought they just might be shoes, but it wasn't made clear. I am glad we call our shoes like that "mules" as that is an even sillier name! Us Brits are funny like that! LOL!

      Thank you for telling me that the L stands for Elevated Train. Now that makes sense. I am thinking it is a track suspended on columns and roads perhaps pass beneath it. Am I right? We don't have so many of those in the UK, but there are certainly a few, especially in the London area. When folk said an overhead rail service, I did think it could be one of those things suspended from tracks like at Disneyworld. They are very cool.

      Me fetch an implement? Moi? Ha! As if! - And I run fast too! (When cornered).

      Yes, so far we are pleased with Amazon Prime. You can even link it up to your mobile phone if you have Android. I am discovering all sorts of benefits and we've only had it since Wednesday.

      Thank you for sending Queenie along!

      Many hugs

    2. Call me if you want me to walk you through the secret to making the best cream gravy. ;)

  8. Ami,

    I hope you feel better soon. I hate colds that seem to last forever!

    The gravy for biscuits is usually white gravy, not brown.

    What book were you reading? Just curious.


    1. I am intrigued about this gravy, but the more I think about it, I don't think I could make it in the right way. I suppose I shall have to wait until we visit the US again one day.

      The book I read is called The Ladies' Room by Carolyn Brown. I just loved it. I could imagine her speaking with a southern drawl and it made me want to visit those southern towns just to hear people speak. She has written a great many books and I am now reading another one, but it isn't as good.

      Thank you for your comments.


  9. Sounds like you got all your questions answered. Hope your trip is relaxing and fun.....Hope you are feeling better soon....the weather here has finally warmed up:).
    hugs abby

    1. I am very pleased to have had my questions answered. We are very much looking forward to our trip, but I know it won't be relaxing because everyone will be trying out their English and my Polish isn't fluent by any means, as I am not over there enough and I have forgotten most of the little I knew since my dad died. I just hope it resurfaces when we get there. It's only a one and a half hour flight, so at least we don't have to sit on a plane for hours and hours.

      I will continue to try to get your blog up on my list, but it just doesn't seem to want to play ball. I have tried for over a year and keep thinking that one of these times it will stick - but it never does and I cannot fathom it and I love reading your posts.


  10. LOL Ami!!! :) I am very glad that you had your words defined for you above.

    I love the part of the post for Queenie. She has been on my mind and in my prayers! I sent my stuff for her to Cat T and she added them to her post. She is loved!!!

    Have a wonderful trip and get to feeling better, you two! I will look forward to hearing all about it!

    Grits... I LOVE grits!! Have you had them? I am not a gravy fan because I am not supposed to eat buttery or oily anything. that is okay though, I am used to it. But grits, with some pepper and little bit of butter or margarine, with eggs... Just YUUUUUUUMMMMM!

    I hope that your spanky man springs back into action soon!!! Dan!!! Spring back into action soon. Or you might go on vacation with... Handful Ami! ;) Can I send you a cheeseboard???? Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

    1. I confess to having pinched the idea from you when I saw all your balloons! I thought I would be able to either add pictures or cut and paste, but it just didn't work. So I did it this way instead.

      I think we had grits when in the Bahamas once. Strange. They are the inner kernels of sweet corn, aren't they, all mashed up. A little strange but quite pleasant. They do seem to go well with bacon. Not too sure about gravy (or white sauce) for breakfast though. I suppose you need to get used to it. We eat a lot of "continental type breakfasts" over here, or good traditional English breakfasts that can contain all or any of the following: Bacon, eggs (cooked however you like them), sausages, hash browns, tomatoes, black pudding, mushrooms, fried bread (cooked in the bacon fat). Myself, I usually eat either bacon and tomatoes, or a poached egg on toast, or just a slice of granary toast with peanut butter. And a huge latte!

      I think Rob must have secretly been in touch with Dan as I had a roasting that will go down in history Saturday morning. I survived it but will not forget it in a hurry. Did me good though. Just hard to get your head around such things at the time. Do not even mention cheeseboards at the moment as my bottom cannot process any more.

      Many hugs

  11. You have all your answers here. Yes they call their elevated train the 'L' for short. There was an elevated train in New York City that was in the meat packing district. It was finally abandon and years later it was turned into a beautiful elevated walking park park where LJ worked when he first went to NY.

    I love my biscuits for breakfast - with sausage or bacon. I'm not a big gravy fan for breakfast but many here are. There is what I call sausage gravy which is thick and usually white and then there is red-eye gravy, thin and dark and great over grits.

    Slides are what we called bedroom slippers, something you just slid on.

    1. I am glad you mentioned the one in New York as I thought I had seen one on various films. What an excellent idea to turn it into an elevated walk!!! I think that is marvellous!

      Although I am not very sure about the gravy, I shall make some biscuits for breakfast and I am going to use one of Cat's recipes if I can find one on her blog. She has recipes for most stuff so I am hopeful. I know how to make scones, but I wonder it our scones are lighter or of a different consistency, as they rise about two inches which is why you cut them in half and spread them with jam and thick cream. You can see why I am overweight! LOL!

      Yes, I now understand slides and have several pairs myself as they are so easy to slip on. I think I just read about a different type of slide (I am now reading a book set in Texas). I shall look it up and ask you what they are talking about. It is neither shoes nor a children's play park slide.


  12. Hi Ami, I enjoyed reading this. Glad you got some answers to your questions. I wondered about some of those things too lol.

    Sorry both you and Dan have been struck with colds and hope you are both feeling much better.

    I can relate to waking up fine and then suddenly the black cloud descends. Hope things get back on track. Get an inplement and leave it on the bed.

    Hope you have a fantastic trip :)


  13. Yeah it should've been spelled the El -- short for elevated train. Biscuits and gravy aren't my thing, either. Who wants gravy in the morning? blech.